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WordPress loses important functionality from Gutenberg

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WordPress loses important functionality from Gutenberg

The development team switched priority from the navigation screen to the Gutenberg widget screen because many issues had not yet been resolved. mobile number list There is great anticipation for the WordPress update , with a release date scheduled for December this year. Version 5.6. there are good and bad news for users , such as the removal of unembed incorporations for Facebook and Instagram, which had the replacement of Jetpack suggested by the WP team itself. WP 5.6. also includes the new Twenty Twenty One pattern theme ,   mobile number list   with colors inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh and block customization a pattern used by Gutenberg and probably the new trend for the world’s most used CMS tools . Other news that have also been reported here include: mobile number list the plugin for creating Web Stories, which promises another mobile number list revolution in the way users share news and content on the Internet for fast consumption; the new Gutenberg,

which as of version 9.0. had a drag and drop mobile number list to drag blocks into other post areas; the possible mobile user interface of the WordPress default tile editor if dual licensing is approved by all original code contributors. However, not everything went as the WordPress team planned and the inclusion of the “Navigation Screen” menu in Gutenberg 9.1 for the new version of WP did not reach a level of beta (testing) functionality. In other words, mobile number list it wasn’t ready in time. Without this navigation screen, Gutenberg will fall short of plan . The default WordPress block editor (since version 5.0.), is considered a project template as it has improved the experience of using the mobile number list content manager with ease of editing from blocks and drag and drop functionality. Despite this, the tool is under constant development and many changes are yet to be implemented. mobile number list An important part of creating websites goes through the menu.

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he navigation screen was supposed to be launched in late September, but it didn’t — the team decided to focus development efforts on the widget screen . mobile number list According to WordPress, when Gutenberg 9.1 was released on September 29, in addition to several small development and redesign gaps, three main issues were still unresolved: completion of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) redesign, based on feedback and iteration on design, mobile number list accessibility features, and other development elements; incorporation of the navigation editor into the Customizer, which still needs technical investigation, redesign and real implementation in the tool; adding the link unit. mobile number list The sidebar area is extremely important because,  Hong Kong Lead  despite being an independent component, the widgets add dynamism to the pages through features such as user redirection to the social networks , countdowns, weather updates, hit counter, among other essential mobile number list functions to ensure the public’s interaction with the site and the best browsing experience.

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