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What politicians don’t want you to know about political marketing

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What politicians don’t want you to know about political marketing

Marketing and politics are subjects that must be approached with some caution. Sometimes it is thought that they should not be mixed; however, it happens every day. It is not an issue exclusive to one country, the crisis of political parties is a worldwide phenomenon. The Canada Mobile Database popular representation model faces one of the greatest challenges in history. If we look at the younger voting age generations we will find that there is a natural disenchantment with politics. This generation is characterized by being used to almost immediate benefits and satisfaction. In the world of governance this does not happen, it is impossible.

Today the crisis of the political parties and rulers is linked to a change of civilization in which the intermediaries between the ruler and the ruled have been destroyed. Today an ordinary person can express his opinion to any politician without major problem. Just by turning on Twitter or Facebook, you can reach a candidate and convey annoyance, concern, or satisfaction. This is not the natural terrain of a politician or ruler (read, they are not the same). Governments almost systemically prefer to create roads that are as generic as possible for a country. This is due to the efficiency of messages, it is much easier to speak to all Mexicans than to attend to each market niche.

The future of political marketing requires almost infinite personalization of messages. Each governed has its own needs. The issue is one of extreme digitization, this is the ideal platform to send highly specialized messages. But it is not only about message generation, increasingly the use of big data and production models dictates political marketing strategies. It is not only about betting on a candidate, it is mathematically checking their acceptance among the voters. Before a target audience that by nature is apathetic towards the political segment, it is essential to have every possible vote. Affinity prediction models (mathematical formulas that determine how likely a phenomenon will occur) will be the new political marketing advisers. In the near future we will see presidential speeches that can change in real time based on the sentiment of the recipients. Canada Mobile Database

Mass communication vehicles have also been overtaken by the need to specialize and personalize political marketing messages. The big winners have of course been Google, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. However, the use of digital billboards will also be the norm in the next elections in the region. The message may change depending on the weather, target audience, and day of the month. The level of sophistication will make political marketing teams include hordes of mathematicians and computer equipment. Personally, I regret the trend since we will see fewer ideas that are honestly from a candidate and more that are the result of the collective conscience and its probability of acceptance.

Programmatic advertising already exists, it is also possible to do consumer tracking with remarketing . It becomes clear that in the near future programmatic policy strategies will be the norm. That is, each message will be adjusted to the context and interests of the potential voter. The technology exists only the implementation is missing. The secret will be in setting up the campaign political marketing in such a way that the ideas do not conflict. It will not be well received that the proposals of a politician are left and right at the same time or that they are totally contradictory, especially when it comes to foreign policy. Most likely, the idea of ​​a ruler of the left or right will almost completely disappear and give rise to politics based on the positive correlation of themes. For example, environment with corporate regulation or exchange rate control and its relationship with free trade agreements. What becomes clear is that politics and marketing will have a very interesting marriage.

In the medium term we will see that government decisions will be the result of real time data analytics and less of genuine concern of the Brother Cell Phone List population. That is, there is a risk of satisfying immediate concerns and losing sight of the long-term goal. It seems to me that one of the most important roles of a governor or politician is the vision that he can contribute with respect to a city, region or country. It is also true that global brands have been immersed in this digital world for a while and that politics naturally is just beginning its arrival.

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