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What is Uncle Bernie and how is he disrupting your sales?

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What is Uncle Bernie and how is he disrupting your sales?

The term Uncle Bernie, or Uncle Bernie,  cell phone number database free   refers to the behavioral pattern of people who settle down and avoid the discomfort of change. In sales it is a widely used concept to understand customer objections and then successfully work around them. In the commercial scenario, it is very common for a seller to offer a proposal to a prospect, but fail to make the sale. Sometimes the reasons are obvious such as lack of urgency, cell phone number database free need or even money, but there are times when the salesperson cannot identify why that potential new customer said “no”. For example, let’s say a person is looking to double his company’s revenues because otherwise he won’t make a profit and will have to close down. Thus, a marketing solutions vendor presents the ideal plan that can really achieve this goal. However, the person says “no”. cell phone number database free That is, instead of changing, it prefers to continue in the same status quo .

Status quo is an expression that came from Latin and means “cell phone number database free current state”, that is, it is related to the scenario, situation or condition that someone or something lives at the moment. In the case of the person mentioned, his status quo comes down to continuing to take the same actions as always that do not cell phone number database free lead to double his income. Now, if she knows that achieving this goal is important, why does she say “no” to the salesperson who presents her with the ideal solution? Anyone who works in sales, for sure, has already been through this and must have asked the same question: why did this prospect say “no” to me if the solution cell phone number database free presented is exactly what he was looking for? cell phone number database free Some people think that the answer to this question must be very complex, but it is simpler than you think.

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So simple that it boils down to just two words: cell phone number database free Uncle Bernie . But, after all, what is Uncle Bernie? Before we reveal who Uncle Bernie is, let’s talk a little about his nephew, a young man who, like so many others his age, smoked. However, he didn’t smoke a cigarette or two, he smoked a pack every day. Of course, cell phone number database free he knew badly what this did, and he even had, deep down,  Hong Kong Lead  an urge to stop. But since his fitness and health were still very good, he was still addicted. So that was his status quo: he knows that smoking can harm him, but he does nothing to change that situation. Some say that people start smoking because of the cell phone number database free influence of the environment where they live, including indoors. cell phone number database free If adults smoke, it is likely that their children or nephews will also start smoking as they grow up.

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