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The retargeting (also known as ” remarketing ” because it’s like what Google calls in its advertising platform) is a technique of digital marketing that is based on re-advertising impact with users who have already interacted with our brand. The most common example is users who have visited our website, but it is not the only possibility: we can also do remarketing with users who have opened our emails, for example.

These impacts can occur through different channels , such as:

Display advertising . When visiting certain websites, the user sees banners of our brand, perhaps with personalized messages depending on Burkina Faso Email List the products or services of interest.
Ads on social networks . Advertising interfaces on social networks, such as Facebook Ads, allow us to use the information we already have about users to be able to direct the ads only to those who have already interacted with our brand.
Email marketing . For example, through personalized mailings for users who have left a half purchase.
For brands, this strategy has multiple advantages :

Possibility of making a very specific branding, since we delve into the brand awareness of users who have already been in contact with us.
Great targeting possibilities , since we can target ads based on specific user behaviors.
Reinforcement in all stages of the conversion funnel, since we can impact the user repeatedly throughout their trajectory.
For retargeting to work correctly, we must keep two elements in mind and well configured: cookies and lists .

The cookies are small pieces of information sent by a website and stored on the user’s browser so that the website can view their previous activity.

The fact that they are stored in the browser implies a series of limitations that prevent us from having all the information about a user: they may use different browsers (or that several users share the same), that they alternate between desktop and mobile computers or that delete cookies for any reason. Today, more and more progress is being made to overcome these limitations and enable advertising that works across different devices.

On the other hand, retargeting lists are lists of users classified according to their behavior. For example, we may have lists for users who have viewed the web page in the last 30 days, who have spent more than X time on the web, who have completed a form or who have visited a certain page within the web site. From these lists, we can further segment and refine our remarketing strategy.


7 tips to make your retargeting work
Segment your campaigns well. As we have just seen, retargeting lists allow us to discriminate between different types of users, instead of simply targeting everyone who has ever visited us. Well, each list that we create will have a specific landing page and even specific creatives to achieve maximum impact.

Choose the landing page well. Landing pages are one of the key elements of conversion, but there are still many brands that do not pay the proper attention to them. You need to have specific landing pages for each objective and make sure they are as clear and direct as possible.

Limit the frequency and duration of campaigns. One of the risks of retargeting is to hit users who had already decided not to buy from us or, worse still, undecided who are pressured and run away to boredom. To avoid this, we have to pay close attention to the frequency limits (how many times a user can see us at most per day) and duration (for how many days we will have a certain campaign active).
Vary the creatives. Another essential tip if you don’t want to be the bugger who repeats the same message over and over again. Always have several aces up your sleeve and renew images and copies as the campaign progresses.

Adapt to the different phases of the funnel. To get the most out of remarketing, you will have to think of separate campaigns for different moments of the user’s journey, since sometimes a second visit is still not enough to convert. Reflect on what the user needs in each phase and how you are going to impact them in an orderly way to build a pleasant experience that fits their needs.

Do A / B tests . Like everything in marketing, optimizing your campaigns is a matter of testing, but always wisely. Rather than resorting to simple trial and error, my recommendation is that you design A / B tests from the get-go. In them, you will test different elements, such as the creativity of the ads or the landing pages. The idea is to focus on a single item and compare two versions of similar traffic with each other.

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