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What is product experience and how brands use it

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What is product experience and how brands use it

The product experience (PX) is a fundamental concept to attract, delight and retain the modern consumer. In this article we explain its concept, importance, canada mobile directory why you should consider it and how brands use it. Developing consumer-friendly digital experiences is a major concern for any CMO. The idea is to provide the public with experiences suited to their characteristics and needs, making them feel motivated to move forward in their purchase decision. Today, especially in the SaaS market, part of this journey takes place in the product experience itself.  canada mobile directory   How the consumer experiences the first contact with the product is fundamental to their long-term relationship with the company. If satisfied, the user is more likely to purchase your solutions and become aloha customer . canada mobile directory Given the importance of this theme, investing in product experience strategies (or PX, product experience) has become essential. However, to put these ideas into practice, canada mobile directory it is necessary to consider several factors, seeking to apply proven techniques.

Want to know more? In this article, canada mobile directory we will answer the following questions: What is product experience? The idea of ​​product experience emerges as a response to the needs and demands of modern consumers. The digital transformation — which incorporated the internet as one of the main channels of the customer journey — has placed the public in a privileged position in the market hierarchy. With access to information and a wider range of possibilities, the 4.0 consumer , canada mobile directory in Philip Kotler’s definition, gives preference to brands that offer the best experiences. That’s why the most effective marketing efforts are those that manage to engage this new audience, creating a positive feeling, which places the brand at the top of the customer’s mind. canada mobile directory To achieve this goal, it is necessary to offer complete user experiences , delighting the audience from the first interaction. The product experience is one of the canada mobile directory subsets of the user experience department.

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It aims to improve the part of the consumer journey that canada mobile directory takes place within the product. This is a concept that has been widely explored in the advertising environment, mainly to add value to brands and products. Take as an example some of the most successful companies in the world, such as Apple and Adidas. canada mobile directory What do they have in common? In addition to a lot of money, they have an extremely loyal audience,  Hong Kong Lead  which is willing to pay more for the products they offer than to buy similar products from competitors, even at lower prices. canada mobile directory To achieve this level, these companies have taken an approach that focuses on selling the experience, not the product itself. Of course, much of this process takes place outside the realm of the product experience, such as branding strategies, paid advertisements, among others. canada mobile directory However, if the product doesn’t provide a great experience, the whole strategy goes down the drain.

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