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What is email marketing?

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What is email marketing?

The email marketing is a communication tool that allows the user to send messages to your email, adapting the content to different audiences for a variety of marketing objectives.

Although email marketing Belgium Email Lists is traditionally thought of as a conversion-oriented, in reality this tool can fulfill many functions and adapt to a multitude of situations. These are just some examples:

Newsletters or informative bulletins to maintain the user’s contact with the brand and communicate the
Administrative emails, for example, to send the user downloadable content or thank them for subscribing.
Loyalty emails, in which we seek to generate repeat purchases.
marketing has a very low cost per impact, to the point that sometimes can be measured in tenths of a penny. In addition, the larger the database to which we ship, the lower the cost per user.

Every good relationship is based on communication, and in this regard, email succeeds. Let’s think that almost all regular internet users have at least one email account , and also access it repeatedly a day and from any device. In short, the email accompanies the user wherever he is.

The email campaigns are organized from user databases; In many cases, these are based on the information that he himself has left us. Therefore, we have several data in advance that can help us to know what a specific user is looking for.

If we integrate email with the rest of digital marketing, we will soon have a good amount of data about each user in particular, their behaviors and their interests. Based on this, we can segment our campaigns to send you just what you need at the right time.

The automation of marketing can reduce the effort, cost and human error and create highly optimized campaigns. While you will always need to be involved in deciding strategy and creatives, targeting and campaign delivery can be highly automated.

In the world of digital marketing , sometimes we get lost in an ocean of metrics and the trees don’t let us see the forest. But email marketing is one of the simplest tools to measure, test and optimize. Only a handful of key concepts need to be clear :

the percentage of users who open an email, compared to the total that receives it in the email inbox.
Bounce rate: the number of emails that could not be delivered. Here we distinguish between
the ratio of users who click on one of the links in the email.
Conversion rate: percentage of users who have completed the goal designated for the email, for example, download content or complete a purchase.
List growth rate: as we have seen, the database of users or mailing list is the basis for shipments, so you are interested in monitoring its evolution.

From the first text-only emails to the wonders that are sent today, email marketing has not stopped evolving and surprising us. The latest trend is kinetic email, designed to offer users a visual and interactive experience within their own inbox.

Finally, as we have already highlighted, email is a totally versatile tool, since in essence it is simply a communication to tell the user what we want. In the next section we will see how we can adapt email to different phases of the customer’s journey.

The role of email marketing in the conversion funnel
The conversion funnel is a very useful tool to visualize the different stages that a customer goes through, from when they first detect a need related to our brand until they become a loyal customer. In each of them, we will use email in different ways to achieve our goals.

Here the user is already evaluating different options to respond to the need they have detected, so we can start talking more directly about our brand . We have to clearly explain what our proposal is and how it differentiates us from the competition.

In the phase, the user has evaluated all the options and is still interested in ours, so it is time to close the deal. You just need the last push to finish the conversion.

Therefore, this is the time to opt for more promotional emails , such as offers and discounts, free trials or personalized services. To maximize effectiveness, we will adapt these proposals to the data that we have previously collected about the user, for example, the product pages that they have visited.


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