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What is deep work and its role in concentration and productivity

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What is deep work and its role in concentration and productivity

Doing more tasks in less time is the desire of many professionals, who dream of being more productive. Achieving this goal may seem like a challenge at first, name of customer using mobile number but the concept of deep work shows that it’s easier than you think. Have you ever thought that you could be much more productive than you actually are? Have you finished a day of work and found that, despite being tired, you didn’t perform as many   name of customer using mobile number   tasks as you would like and/or needed? These can be some common problems for many professionals, but the good news is that there is a way to change this scenario . For that, you just need to be adept at deep work . name of customer using mobile number These two words have been used more and more nowadays and have been promoting changes in the way of seeing and living work. In this article, we will explain what this concept is, how it works and what its practical results are, in addition to giving name of customer using mobile number tips on how to apply it in your daily life.

Follow up! What is deep work? name of customer using mobile number The concept of deep work is presented in Cal Newport’s book, released in 2015, which was named “Deep work: rules for focused success in a distracted world”. In Portuguese, the work was called “Focused work: how to succeed in a distracted world”. The name of the publication itself says a lot about it. name of customer using mobile number The idea highlighted by the author is that it is possible, yes, to be much more productive than, generally, if you are being . For that, it is necessary to work in a deep, focused way , that is, to really concentrate on what is being done at that moment. name of customer using mobile number Who is Cal Newport? Yes, you already know what deep work is. But, after all, who is Cal Newport, who proposes these ideas? The author is a professor of computer science at Georgetown University in the United States. In addition, he has completed six name of customer using mobile number self-improvement books.

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Over time, Newport has dedicated himself to writing name of customer using mobile number about how to stay productive in a digital age that leaves people increasingly distracted . What’s wrong with multitasking? Perhaps at this point you are thinking that to be productive you have to do several things at once. In case you imagined this, name of customer using mobile number I’m sorry to tell you it’s wrong. In fact, not focusing on one task just makes all the ones that are getting your attention at the same time less exquisite than the others. Furthermore, when changing activities all the time,  Hong Kong Lead  concentration is impaired . Want something done right? Focus on it until you’re done. name of customer using mobile number What are the skills needed to be in deep work? To be in deep work, however, just wanting is not enough. You must have and/or cultivate at least two fundamental skills . One of them is to master, in an agile way, things that have a high level of difficulty and complexity. name of customer using mobile number The other is the ability to produce truly delivering a good job not only in terms of speed, but also quality .

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