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The email bulk marketing consists of sending mass emails to inform leads of news and offers or give any kind of information related to the brand, a product or a service. That is, it is a way to communicate with customers, sell and build loyalty in a simple way.

However, many Australian Email Lists make the mistake of abusing this technique or not carrying it out correctly, which is why many of these emails end up in the spam folder.

For a bulk email marketing campaign to be successful, you must take into account:

The audience to whom it is addressed. You have to know what type of profile may be interested in that product or service, so you have to take into account age, nationality, sex, education … Even if it is a massive sending of emails, it must be done in a segmented way .

The message should be attractive, short and direct. It must be clear to the customer what benefits they obtain if they contract that service, buy that product or, at general levels, place their trust in that brand. Also, an email of this nature should be short and clear. Most people choose not to read an email when it is too long, so it is best to be short and direct in your message.

If there are discounts or offers they should be seen quickly. To awaken the curiosity and interest of the public, in case of offering some type of discount or offer it is important that it is visible.

Inform of the deadlines. In the event that this information has an expiration date, it must be specified in the email. In this way the need for immediate action is created in the public. That is, if you are talking about an offer or discount, it must be specified until when it is valid.

Offer other communication channels. It is important to offer the public an email, a telephone or any other channel from which it is possible to communicate in case of doubts or queries.

With all this we want to say that it is not enough to send an email in a massive way, but it is necessary to do a previous work so that it reaches people who may really be interested and that it captures their attention, since the objective is to sell and build loyalty.

How to avoid spamming with bulk email marketing
One of the dangers of bulk email marketing is that the email ends up in spam. In fact, it is usually something quite frequent. However, there are ways around it.

The first and most important thing is to segment and send the emails only to those people who may really be interested in that product or service, even the brand itself. So you have to avoid buying email addresses , which is a fairly common practice despite its negative results.

Second, and also important, is to implement a double opt-in so that the subscriber can give consent to receive messages, as well as a link to unsubscribe.

Afterwards, it is also advisable to respect customer data, which means not selling data to third parties and sending emails without the addresses of other people being visible. It is also important to use a valid email marketing service .

Many users have this type of emails blocked, so to prevent them from ending up in spam or in the unopened trash can, it will be necessary to create an attractive subject that does not seem, precisely, spam.

There are tools with which it is possible to carry out a bulk, since doing it manually is practically impossible. These are the best:

is one of the most used tools to carry out inbound marketing strategies . Creating email marketing campaigns is one of the main features of . You can create newsletters , launch promotional campaigns, create emails and emails quickly and easily.

Sender is another tool that can be used for bulk email marketing. It has templates to facilitate the creation of emails, although it also allows you to customize them. In addition, it has an analysis system to know the effectiveness of the campaign and it is possible to know who opened the email and clicked on the links to improve future campaigns.

Finally, is another of the best tools that allow you to send emails in bulk. It has more than 70 templates, so it is very easy to create an email with this platform and you can make segmented shipments, as well as manage the relationship with customers. Without a doubt, it is a very good tool to optimize the tasks of an email marketing campaign.

Now you know what bulk email marketing is and how you can apply it in your inbound marketing strategies. Of course, it is an action that must be carefully studied if you want to achieve good results, since it is very easy for an email to end up in a trash can or labeled as spam.

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