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What is Blocking Us From What We Know About Marketing?

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What is Blocking Us From What We Know About Marketing?

It’s not that you don’t know that you bother you. It’s that you know that you certainly aren’t. “- Mainly credited to Mark Twain

Robert Rose and I will present our sixth book, Killing Marketing: How Innovative Companies Turn Marketing Costs into Profit, at Content Marketing World in September this year. An important idea in this book shows that the vast majority of companies are approaching marketing in a completely wrong way … and stop marketing as we know it and take it a new approach, the Profit Center. Should be replaced with marketing as.

The following is an excerpt from the book introduction. Robert and I sincerely believe that tomorrow’s business is in the process of transforming marketing into something completely new and different, and building and monetizing those audiences is the future of our practice. fun!

Reprinted with permission of Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose in connection with McGraw-Hill Education

In the 1970s, Israeli psychologists Danny Kahneman and Amos Tversky wrote a research paper entitled “Belief in the Laws of Minority.” The findings were that even professional scholars made very small mistakes overall in making decisions. For example, flipping a coin is always a 50/50 proposition, but if the subject flips 100 times and raises his Canada Mobile Number head the first two times, the subject believes that most of the flips will raise their heads. Worst than true probability. This is also known as the “gambler’s fallacy”, and you start to think that red or black gets hot in roulette, and that red or black is more likely to occur, even though it is not statistically true.

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As humans, the more we look at something, the more this becomes our reality, whether or not the sample size is too small to draw real conclusions.

In the mid-1980s, Don Redermeier was assigned to Sunnybrook Hospital on the outskirts of Toronto and acted as a check for specific hospital decisions. Specifically, Redelmeier was brought in to question each doctor’s diagnosis and provide feedback on the probability that the doctor was right.

Obviously, this was something Sunny Brook’s doctor wasn’t a fan of at first. Where did the trauma center


Generalist get the right to ask a qualified doctor?

However, Redelmeier and others like him have discovered that doctors “… exaggerated their self-confidence based on expert experience.” Simply put, doctors will look at problems and solutions for their core expertise and often ignore other signals they are not familiar with.

The problem isn’t what the doctors didn’t know, but what bothers them is what they knew.

Last November, I took my son Adam to a high school open house. I was doing the same with his parents’ group while he was taking some sample classes in the morning session. My first class of the day “Theory of Knowledge”.

The assignment was easy. Look at the picture of the building and discuss what you “know” about it. Our group to identify when it was , whether it was genuine or fictitious, and if it was genuine, was it a famous place?

At the end of the discussion, the instructor said the painter was Adolf Hitler

From that moment on, everything about the conversation changed immediately. Some people have become emotional when they hear this information.

Does what we know hinder our marketing?
No, this is not a book on psychology, medicine, or art history, but the previous example definitely applies. For the past 20 years, Robert and I have worked with the CEO, Chief Marketing Officer. Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and marketers for brands around the world. In each case, part of the marketing and / or sales process was .

We enter, analyze, advise, and (hopefully) force these marketers and sales professionals to. Amodify what they can do with the resources they have. But what we’ve noticed in the last few years has become a concern, to say the least.

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