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Behavioral retargeting is a remarketing technique that is based on segmenting your audience based on the interests shown through their behavior .

Behavioral retargeting uses the same data to re-engage with audiences that have already shown an interest in your brand through their interactions with your website, your social media ads, or your email campaigns. With this information, you can create personalized email marketing and ad campaigns to keep engaging with your audience even after they leave your site. Thus, you get to improve brand awareness and the likelihood that they will return to your site to make a purchase.

Display ads can be used to target users potentially interested in your brand while visiting other online sites. Through display networks like Google Ads , your ads can appear on a ton of sites that your potential customers visit.

With this behavioral retargeting strategy, you can create an engaging message that encourages users to click through to visit your site and end up becoming customers. It is especially recommended for targeting people who have visited your site before, but about whom you do not yet have much information.


Ads on social media
Social media ads allow you to launch your behavioral retargeting strategy on a site where your potential customers spend a large part of their time online. That means you have a opportunity to attract new customers, interact with them or remind them of what you can offer.

A great advantage of this format is that it allows you to combine your remarketing database with the large amounts of information that social networks have about users. For example, you can upload your email database to the advertising platform of the social network and create an audience with users who most resemble your subscribers.


Email remarketing
If you have the email address of a user and you have his permission to send him commercial messages, you can communicate with him in a much more direct and personalized way.

With proper tracking of the contacts in your database, you can know what they do on your website, what items they have previously purchased or what times they usually visit you. All this information will help you to send them emails with personalized recommendations and discounts and to find exactly what they need.

Another widely used and effective email behavioral retargeting strategy is abandoned cart reminder emails. If a user has left a half purchase, we know that it is very likely that they are highly interested in buying from us, so we can offer them some “free shipping” promotion to encourage them to take the last step.


Analyze the connections between behaviors . There may be behaviors that are not directly related, but that you can attract useful patterns to. For example, a few years ago, an study showed that Mac users spend 30% more per night in hotels than PC users. So it made sense to filter Mac users to show them more expensive hotel ads.

Look for key dates and motivations . I don’t know just what product someone buys, but when and why. For example, a certain user may buy the same perfume every year to give to his mother at Christmas, or a group of friends celebrate birthdays by going on a trip together. Going beyond typical correlations can help us come up with the perfect ad at just the right time.

Use a smart advertising platform . Behavioral retargeting requires analyzing huge amounts of data and possible connections. To get the most out of it, you need a solution that provides functionalities such as artificial intelligence or machine learning to be able to analyze, predict and anticipate customer behavior. Fortunately for small and medium-sized businesses, these features are increasingly available in low-cost or even free tools, such as the Google Ads data-driven attribution model.

Take advantage Cameroon Email list of easy opportunities . Traditional used to start by targeting all visitors to a site, but with behavioral , we can fine-tune a lot more. To maximize your chances of converting, focus on users who have exhibited behaviors that reveal purchase intent, such as visiting multiple pages for similar products or reviewing your shipping and returns policy.

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