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Video Size Guide for Social Media

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Video Size Guide for Social Media

Each social network has different video formats, any uk phone number with different sizes, resolutions and other specifications. It is no longer possible to use the same material on all platforms without adaptation. To help, we’ve listed everything you need to know about each of the top social networks used in Brazil! The Video Marketing is more popular than ever.  any uk phone number  More and more brands are betting on the creation of audiovisual content to communicate with users. But, did you know that to do this properly, you need to master video sizes for social media ? any uk phone number This happens because each social network has its types of videos , with different resolutions and dimensions. In addition, each platform allows different formats of audiovisual material,  any uk phone number  with specific durations. You cannot use the same video on all networks .

It is necessary to any uk phone number adapt the strategy and the content to each one of them. Video Sizes for YouTube YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and one of the most accessed content platforms on the planet. Here in Brazil alone, 95% of our online population is on YouTube . This all makes the social network one of the most important for those any uk phone number who want to work with Video Marketing, starting with creating a video content strategy for YouTube . But what are the ideal video sizes for YouTube ? We will see! Content for the channel YouTube allows for a number of different video sizes, but all derived from the 16:9 format. Smaller media can be posted in 4:3 format (but will gain strips on the sides to fit video in 16:9 format). any uk phone number Altogether there are 4 types of ad videos on You any uk phone number Tube. The first one is the skippable ad. It is a video that is displayed before the content the user wants to any uk phone number watch and can be skipped after 5 seconds. The second is the non-skippable ad.

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It is shown before, during or after the any uk phone number main video and can be 15-20 seconds (30 seconds in some regions) and the user must watch it to the end before having access to the content they want to see. The third is Bumper , which consists of a video of just 6 seconds, cannot be skipped and is displayed before the content. any uk phone number Finally, we have the ad in the middle of the video .  Hong Kong Lead  It works like a TV commercial: it runs in the middle of content longer than 10 minutes and can only be skipped after 30 seconds. Another type of ad worth mentioning is Display . any uk phone number This ad shows your video in the YouTube right sidebar as one of the recommended content. When the user clicks, they are directed to a default video, any uk phone number so it’s the same recommendations as above.

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