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User experience refers to how a person feels when they are using a company product or service . Knowing this feeling and measuring it can help a company achieve its objectives and increase revenue . If the user experience is good, the purchase will be finalized; And if he is satisfied with Botswana Email Lists the or service, he will buy again, which generates more income in the company.

Measuring the user experience also serves to detect the points that must be improved to avoid a potential client deciding to go with the competition . In addition, getting satisfied customers is a way for them to speak well of the brand and get positive comments, which generates greater confidence in the brand. On the other hand, bad experiences generate negative comments, which and leads users to place their trust in other brands. For this reason, it is very important to measure the user experience and detect those points where the experience can become negative in order to solve them.

In order to improve the user experience, and to have measurable data that can be used for this task, the following should be considered:

The success rate is a way of knowing the number of completed processes compared to those processes that have been left halfway . This data, when the number of processes not completed is very high compared to the completed ones, is a clear indication that there is something that is not working, although with this it is not possible to know where the error is or what it is that makes users quit before completing the process. Other data, such as the time it takes to carry out the process or its difficulty, will have to be taken into account to determine what needs to be improved or changed for the success rate to increase.

At this point, the time it takes a user to complete a task should be measured and try to make it as short as possible. The less time a user has to spend on a task, the more likely they are to complete it and not leave it halfway. In this case we would not be talking only about the purchase process, since the same registration form or a satisfaction survey, among other actions, must be quick and simple.

In the event that the user abandonment rate during a certain process is very high, it should be optimized as much as possible.

The achievement or conversion rate is an important piece of information, since it refers to the percentage of users who carry out a specific action , such as a purchase, filling in a form, a download … It is a key piece of information for any brand, since It is indicative of the direction the business is taking and whether or not it is close to the objectives set. When the percentage is much lower than expected, it is because something does not work correctly, so it would be necessary to review those factors that could influence it, such as the time to achieve it.

Another factor to consider is the error rate or mistakes that users make throughout the process . This data is very significant, for example, when filling in a form, since if many users give information that is not correct, it is because they are not specifying correctly what is being requested. Or if several users leave this information incomplete, it will be necessary to check that there is enough space to provide it.

Another very frequent error is that users try to follow or end the process, having left some mandatory fields. This will mean that what is required has not been correctly specified.

One of the best options to know the user experience is to ask him himself. Although in this case it will be dealing with a subjective opinion, when many users agree on something, relevant data is obtained.

This feedback can be obtained in several ways, through satisfaction surveys, by having the user mark the level of difficulty of a process, asking them whether or not they would recommend the company’s product or service, as well as the company in general, or what has been most annoying to you about the process or what you would change.

Knowing the user’s opinion is a way to detect, quickly, what is wrong or needs to be improved within a process. Of course, this is valid when you have a high number of opinions and there are several coincidences.

User experience can also be measured by the number of people who buy or trust the brand again . When the percentage of people who repeat a purchase or trust the brand again is high, it means that the user experience was satisfactory.

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