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Unsubscribed: Why I took emails off my list and so should you!

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Unsubscribed: Why I took emails off my list and so should you!

If you are an email marketing professional, how can i buy a phone number chances are most of the articles you read are about how to grow your email list , increase your open rate, clicks and so on. But what if your list is growing thanks to all these tips but all your conversion rates and clicks are going down ? Are you doing something wrong?   how can i buy a phone number   Not necessarily. Here’s the deal: Leads get old. They become disinterested in your offerings for a number of reasons (change of jobs, find better products, etc.). Or maybe they just don’t look at emails. It is natural for the open how can i buy a phone number rate to drop over time. You keep adding new emails but consequently the number of inactive emails also grows. So what should we do with these inactive emails? Keep them on the list, try to reactivate them, or remove them all? We took them all out. how can i buy a phone number Read on to find out how we did it.

Background: The growing pains how can i buy a phone number Pipedrive has been growing fast (we recently reached 3000 paying customers) and so does our Newsletter email list . To tell the truth, the growth has been so much that our credits on Mailchimp have already ended . But there it is. As much as we marketers like to see our email list grow, there are also downsides: It becomes more expensive to send each email, even as the price per email drops; Inactive leads lower our delivery rate and end up interfering with our metrics; Check out our post on key marketing metrics so how can i buy a phone number you don’t get lost in the subject! These points are more recurrent with sales leads (prospects) which, in our case, were mostly people who signed up for Pipedrive but never became paying consumers. As they don’t actively use Pipedrive they don’t update their how can i buy a phone number information either. And, of course, most of these emails are hard bounced.

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This leads email servers like Gmail and how can i buy a phone number Yahoo to think that our emails should no longer be in the inbox, but in the trash or marked as spam. So I decided to do something about these inactive leads. Why is clearing your list necessary? I have three main reasons for clearing a list. 1. We are spending money how can i buy a phone number Each time we are sending a Newsletter we pay the sending server a small amount per contact.  Hong Kong Lead  Having weekly Newsletters and a growing list makes spending skyrocket as a result. 2. Dead Leads Take Down List Reputation how can i buy a phone number This one is difficult to measure, but we are certain that it happens. Mail servers look at the hard bounce rate and the interactivity patterns (whether emails have how can i buy a phone number been opened or not, etc.) and give it a certain grade.

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