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The automation of marketing lets you send the right message to the right person at the right time, without having to go through the effort to set up and send all those emails one by one.

If you have not yet automated your email marketing strategy, now is the time to get down to work. To start with, I recommend creating automated email Argentina Email Database campaigns for the following cases:

Welcome email (when a user registers for the first time).

You already know that in marketing, what is not measured does not exist. To know if your emails are working, you will have to periodically review the results of your campaigns. These are the key metrics you should pay attention to:

Abandonment rate : total number of users who unsubscribe from the number of emails delivered.

Measuring the results of your emails will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t, but to take your 2022 email marketing to the next level, you have to get down to business and experiment with A / B testing .

A / B tests are based on creating two variants of the same email, but with an element that distinguishes them, for example, a different subject or a different color in the call to action button. To do the test, we send each email to a sample of users in our database and compare the results with each other to see which one is more effective.

Poor-quality mailing lists lower delivery and open rates, and can even lead to you being classified as spam. So aim to start 2022 by removing inactive users from your database once and for all and repeating the process every six months at the most.

Once your mailing list is free of inactive users, the next step is to put order with good segmentation.

Segmenting your mailing list consists of dividing it into smaller and more specific groups, based on criteria such as interests, location, buying behavior and much more.

In this way, you will be able to send more relevant and personalized content to users, and consequently you will be able to improve open rates, clicks and conversions.

With very few exceptions, your emails should always include a call to action . Think about the result you want to achieve with your email and make it clear to the user what you expect from it.

The call to action can be in the form of a button or a link that directs users to a specific site, for example, to read a post on your blog, register for an event, or make a purchase.

The double opt-in consists of sending an email to the new users who register in your database and asking them to click on it to confirm the subscription. This extra step helps you confirm that it is an email address that is actually being used and will therefore improve your email marketing metrics.


Surely more once you have received emails from email addresses that begin with ” “. But although it is a common technique, it can bring several problems:

Reduces the of emails.

Increase the chances of being marked as spam.

It worsens the customer experience, since users cannot send you their questions.

Email marketing helps you create better segmented emails that stand out in your inbox. is not limited to putting the user’s name in the subject, but you should also use everything you know about him to adapt the text of the email and even the offer.

It is already known that hurries are bad advisers. To avoid a silly mistake from ruining your email campaign, send yourself a test email and check that everything is in order:

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