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There’s more than one way for companies to sell on Instagram

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There’s more than one way for companies to sell on Instagram

As Instagram gains popularity and adds features to its users’ experience, e-commerce takes advantage of a habit introduced by the creativity of some cell phone number database for sale young people to provide customers with a differentiated sales environment. Businesses can learn from teenagers and it’s no exaggeration Unlike what many might imagine, one of the sales movements on Instagram does not originate from any company,   cell phone number database for sale   but from the initiative of some teenagers who decided to innovate their way of using the application. Among the campaigns that drew attention, and certainly inspired other people and businesses, cell phone number database for sale is the “auction” of 16-year-old Shipman and Morrigan Allen . They took advantage of their engagement with the large following and started posting items of clothing for sale, so people would bid in the comments. Once the sale was completed, they moved to the stage of direct messages with the buyer to organize shipping and payment methods. Since then, cell phone number database for sale it is likely that thousands of other teenagers have copied the model, bringing innovations. But the fact is that companies started to see this activity as a new way of doing business.

This does not mean abandoning the already cell phone number database for sale established methods, but adding valuable experiences to your audience. After all, Instagram is one of the most used social networks in the world. People’s behavior is different. According to the latest study released by SimilarWeb , mobile traffic had an increase of On the other side, traffic from desktops dropped by Also, from time spent on websites dropped by 49 seconds. cell phone number database for sale In Cisco Mobile Data Traffic Forecast projections , mobile traffic has grown 17 times in the last five years and it is expected that this type of navigation will be responsible for 20% of the traffic in 2022.cell phone number database for sale Purchase publications from the platform itself remain strong In late March 2019, Instagram launched the checkout feature, which allows customers to purchase products directly through the app. Although it is still in the testing phase, many brands have already joined the novelty. For an uninterrupted shopping experience, Google Checkout is the tool that ensures users can store credit card information and shipping data in the app. Gradually, cell phone number database for sale new features are added to improve the service.

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Thanks to the new feature, Instagram users can cell phone number database for sale complete their shopping journey, from discovery to checkout, without leaving the app, providing the comfort and convenience so valued by modern consumers . From these features, the sale through Instagram gained strength. The reach power of brands over their consumers has increased: their product catalog can now be connected to the profile and checkout can be done in a few clicks. Product-for-sale posts on Instagram are marked with a “cell phone number database for sale Tap to see products” pop-up or a small white circle with the shopping bag icon. According to information from HubSpot , 80% of Instagram’s 800 million users are already following an “active shopping business” account another 200 million of that audience visit one or more business profiles daily. Remembering that this is cell phone number database for sale not the only way to work sales on the platform. The Linkin.bio feature can also work very well for driving organic traffic to the company page.  Hong Kong Lead  In addition, stories can also be used to link to the site a tool that is very successful with digital influencers. cell phone number database for sale Turning online habits into cash is a natural progression.

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