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The Growth of Virtual Assistants

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The Growth of Virtual Assistants

Imagine dealing with a virtual assistant designed specifically for your innermost needs after answering a few simple questions about your personality.  how do i find a mobile phone number uk  It looks like a movie scene even because it is! but it is also something closer and closer. Virtual assistants are already a reality of big businesses and are starting to gain space among smaller companies either through interactive chatbots or through voice assistants . how do i find a mobile phone number uk The different integration possibilities provided by the internet of things make this technology even more attractive, both personally and professionally. However, there are still great challenges to be overcome how do i find a mobile phone number uk so that the performance of this business model in Brazil and in the world meets future expectations. The siege of virtual assistants how do i find a mobile phone number uk Voice- activated virtual assistants have dominated the market.

Currently, the most popular are precisely those how do i find a mobile phone number uk created by big names: Alexa, from Amazon ; Google Assistant, from Google; Cortana, from Microsoft; and Siri, from Apple, perhaps the great pioneer, launched in 2011. In parallel, virtual assistants operated through chatbots have also gained relevance. how do i find a mobile phone number uk Bradesco launched BIA , which can be accessed on the bank’s application and also through WhatsApp to clear up doubts, how do i find a mobile phone number uk make transactions and check balances. GOL, in turn, introduced Gal , available on the airline’s website and able to answer frequently asked questions before transferring the communication to an attendant. In this brief survey, we can already observe that the vast majority of assistants (voice or not) adhere to female names, characteristics and/or gestures. how do i find a mobile phone number uk Coincidence? The issue generated a large UNESCO study in 2019, entitled “I’d blush if I could” (“I would blush if I could”,

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in Portuguese), which denounces the reinforcement of how do i find a mobile phone number uk gender stereotypes by these technologies. The title is a reference to the response offered by Siri when hearing “You are a slut”. The case was also pointed out by a special report by UOL , which found gender issues in different virtual assistants. how do i find a mobile phone number uk Leaving this side of the discussion aside temporarily, it is necessary to mention the case of Magazine Luiza and its assistant Megalux, who today acts practically as a brand persona for the network. She is “responsible” for the brand’s blog and social networks, in addition to being available to answer questions via chat and WhatsApp. how do i find a mobile phone number uk The bet on the humanization of this mascot was so successful that now she is also a digital influencer .  Hong Kong Lead  Virtual assistants are not exclusive to big techs Now, those who believe that only the big players in the market should bet on this growing trend are wrong. how do i find a mobile phone number uk Two different factors contribute to this: the first one concerns voice purchases.

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