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Success Story: how we grew the Rock Content North America Blog by more than in less than a year

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Success Story: how we grew the Rock Content North America Blog by more than in less than a year

In less than a year, we managed to grow our blog in English 15 times. Here, you will see a step by step of our strategy, as well as tips to replicate on your own blog! united kingdom phone number As you may have already noticed, Content Marketing is one of the pillars of Rock Content. We’ve already helped over 2000 customers achieve the highest rankings on Google pages. And the same goes for our pages. We use our blogs as showcases and testing labs:  united kingdom phone number  the newest trends, boldest strategies, different formats. With good optimization practices, quality content and patience, we saw our blog in Portuguese exceed 3 million sessions in one month. united kingdom phone number On the Spanish blog, we reached the mark of 4 million monthly sessions.

And, now, it’s finally time to share the first success story of our blog in English: in 11 months, we’ve increased our traffic by more than 15 times ! If you want to united kingdom phone number learn a step by step how to design your content strategy, follow us! The (re)birth of the Rock Content North America Blog The 6 Most Effective Strategies To Grow Your Blog The (re)birth of the Rock Content North America Blog In 2019, united kingdom phone number Larissa Lacerta and I shared the editorship of the Rock Content Brazil Blog . Our blog underwent a massive migration earlier this year, and we were slowly reaping the results of taking our domain back to its home (rockcontent.com). Our strategy was extremely well consolidated: the project’s freelancers knew our content production guide in color and sautéed, united kingdom phone number we published around 90 contents per month, united kingdom phone number we dealt with the most diverse clusters in the digital world,

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our domain authority was high and stable, and we had market recognition. united kingdom phone number At the end of the year, Rock made two acquisitions, increasing our suite of products offered to customers.  Hong Kong Lead  One such acquisition was Scribble Live. An American company, headquartered in the United States and Canada, which offered platforms for the production of interactive content and live experiences. Turning Scribble Live Blog into Rock Content In early 2020, united kingdom phone number we started a project to apply the same Content Marketing strategies on blogs in English that we used on blogs in Portuguese and Spanish. The domain to be used would be the old Scribble domain. But their blog didn’t have the volume of posts as ours, and the content wasn’t as SEO focused . united kingdom phone number Thus, we would have to start from scratch, doing the same construction that our sister blogs had already gone through.

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