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Strategic Storytelling: Where Businesses and Stories Meet — What Is Storytelling?

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Strategic Storytelling: Where Businesses and Stories Meet — What Is Storytelling?

A few weeks earlier, I had joined Contently, CFO Email List a rising Artech . My hotel is in Soho. I’m still a little late. Ten minutes on foot and I crossed Broadway, near Houston. If asked, I would move to NYC. Tomorrow.  CFO Email List   The office is on the corner. It’s an old and charming building, right in the middle of that small area squeezed between the East and West districts; so different from the shimmering glass towers of the city center. I wait for the elevator, then go up to the fourth floor. I go in and introduce myself to a few young people. I’m looking for some familiar faces. They tell me to go to the end of the hall. The marketing team is there. And then I see that phrase taped to the wall. CFO Email List A Native American proverb painted in Content’s Broadway office. When Contently moved to Wall Street in 2018, the wall was not reproduced in the new office.

It’s a saying of American Indian origin. CFO Email List I have used this quote so many times as an introduction to my notes; for so many years. I’m finally in front of that wall. I look around me. I hope the runner clears and then I do what I would never have done in any other situation. Three years have passed since then—so many changes. We have experienced a pandemic ; CFO Email List in fact, we’re not quite out of it yet. I left this company almost a year ago. Today I work for an exciting new startup in the Artech field; the same category. CFO Email List Content experiences and strategic storytelling. I’m still fascinated by the power of stories, which is probably the reason I never left this business sector. what is not a story The intention is not to write about how we can take over the world, CFO Email List but how we can be good storytellers in the commercial business.

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I will write about stories, storytelling , business narratives. CFO Email List Salman Rushdie, the famous writer, said: “We are storytelling animals. We’re the only creatures on Earth who do this unusual thing of telling each other stories to understand what kind of creatures we are.” So true. Stories fascinate us. They move, excite, provoke, entertain us. CFO Email List We continually look for stories, in good times and bad.  Hong Kong Lead  But what exactly is a story? Perhaps we should start with what is not a story. When a child is born, the first things he needs are care, security and love. When these things are found, the next thing the child asks is, most likely, “tell me a story.” Salman Rushdie A story is not a process. CFO Email List Like a story, a process has a beginning, a middle and an end. CFO Email List Unlike a story, a process does not have a desire, nor a conflict, nor a central character (the hero ).

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