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Strategic Storytelling: Where Business and Story Meet — Campbell, Vogler and the classic Hero’s Journey

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Strategic Storytelling: Where Business and Story Meet — Campbell, Vogler and the classic Hero’s Journey

In The Hero with a Thousand Faces (1949), Accounting Directors Email Lists Joseph Campbell, professor of literature at Sarah Lawrence College, develops his theory that all mythological narratives share the same basic structure. He refers to this structure as the “monomyth” (idea according to which all heroic myths share the same frame or structure) or the Hero’s Journey. Campbell summarizes the concept as follows: “A hero escapes from the  Accounting Directors Email Lists   common world into a region of supernatural wonders. Extraordinary forces are found, and a decisive victory is won: the hero returns from this mysterious adventure with the power to bestow blessings on his fellow man”. Accounting Directors Email Lists Joseph Campbell The Hero’s Journey is a common narrative archetype, or story model, that involves a hero who sets out on an adventure, learns a lesson, Accounting Directors Email Lists achieves a victory with this new knowledge, and then returns home transformed.

Campbell presents 17 total steps of the Hero’s Accounting Directors Email Lists Journey structure. However, not all monomyths necessarily present all the steps, nor in the same order in which Campbell described them. His theory is male-centric, which is why we’re going to talk about “hero” and not “heroine”. Although his theory had an enormous influence, it must be recognized that the author had a very restricted view of gender issues, Accounting Directors Email Lists including the role of women. The Journey also includes Freudian elements, such as the confrontation with the father. Accounting Directors Email Lists Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Model The Hero’s Journey can be summarized in 3 essential steps: the match : the hero leaves the familiar world behind; the initiation : the hero learns to navigate the unfamiliar world; the return : the hero returns to the familiar world. Accounting Directors Email Lists Next, we’ll explore the details of each of these steps.

The game In short, the hero is living in Accounting Directors Email Lists the so-called “ordinary world” when he receives a call to adventure. Normally, the hero doesn’t feel entirely safe to follow this calling—this phase is known as “refusing the call”—but is then helped by a mentor figure , who gives him advice and convinces him to move forward. the initiation In the initiation section, the hero Accounting Directors Email Lists enters the “special world”, where he begins to face a series of tasks until reaching the climax of the story – the main obstacle or enemy.  Hong Kong Lead  Here, the hero puts into practice everything he has learned on his journey to overcome the obstacle. Accounting Directors Email Lists Campbell talks about the hero achieving some sort of reward for his troubles — this could be a physical symbol, an “elixir,” or just good old-fashioned wisdom (or both). The comeback Feeling that he is ready to Accounting Directors Email Lists return to his world, the hero must now leave.

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