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Strategic storytelling: how to combine all models

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Strategic storytelling: how to combine all models

Joining all models It’s time to present a framework to simplify the creation of your company’s narrative. Of course, you can use one of the strategic  Psychiatrist Email Addresses  storytelling models previously presented. Psychiatrist Email Addresses I found it efficient to combine and integrate the most significant elements of the models we’ve seen so far. Principles and elements come from the hero’s journey, Psychiatrist Email Addresses from Miller’s model (Story omics), and were strongly influenced by the work of Andy Raskind. The framework includes three steps that need to be completed in order to build a complete narrative. Stage 1 – Targets Defining the goals of Psychiatrist Email Addresses your narrative represents the first stage of our structure. Next, you need to set the points below. Target audience . It’s your audience. While it’s ideal to have a narrative for each audience, you can still target multiple audiences, Psychiatrist Email Addresses as we’ll see in the next episode.

Target needs . It’s the buyer’s problem and pain. Psychiatrist Email Addresses It is the hidden problem that requires a solution. Target Actions (Objectives) . It’s the end result. The action we want the audience to perform. Psychiatrist Email Addresses If you are telling a story to a B2B audience, you may want the buyer to contact you, request a demo, attend another meeting or sign a contract. If you’re telling a story to a B2C audience, you might want the buyer to purchase an item in a physical store or online. Stage 2 – Elements of the story Preparing the subject of the story requires three main steps: Psychiatrist Email Addresses discover core values; finalize the hero and the mentor ; define change versus problem. Discover the core values Core values ​​are linked to the target audience’s needs highlighted in Stage 1. Psychiatrist Email Addresses The story should align with the brand’s core values.

Psychiatrist Email Addresses

The scenarios for the story may not be related to the Psychiatrist Email Addresses product being sold, as long as the core value is aligned with the brand promise. For example, the value of Redbelly is to energize sports lovers (which is the promise of the Redbelly brand); extreme sports stories share the same brand value. Psychiatrist Email Addresses Change versus problem You should not start your narrative with “the problem”. When you claim that your prospects have a problem, you often run the risk of putting them on the defensive.  Hong Kong Lead  Also, your audience may not be aware of the problem or feel uncomfortable admitting that they suffer from it. Instead, work with a change. Psychiatrist Email Addresses When you highlight a change, you get potential customers to open up about how the change affects them, Psychiatrist Email Addresses how it scares them, and where they see opportunities.

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