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Snapchat died? What to expect from the future of this social network?

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Snapchat died? What to expect from the future of this social network?

With the recent addition of Day Messenger , uae number example Facebook, the status , the WhatsApp, the Story of the Snow, and the now classic case of the eponymous Stories , Instagram, the decline of hits on Snapchat seems increasingly evident. Thousands of users are leaving the network to return to simpler, lighter applications or  uae number example   already integrated with their network of contacts. About 82% of the app’s growth was undermined by the emergence of alternatives to its core functionality : posting messages (combining video, text and image) with a 24-hour expiration time. But even with all these downsides, the launch of the company’s initial public uae number example offering of Snapchat has caused some turmoil in the market.

And, according to the report released by Snap Inc. itself , uae number example things aren’t going SOOO bad. Is the app really dead? Would Instagram still come out victorious in a direct dispute against Snapchat today? In today’s text we’ll explore more about the subject and try to find out if, in fact, Snapchat football boots can now be hung. uae number example A Brief History of Snapchat Before we jump to a foregone conclusion, it’s critical to understand Snapchat’s entire journey through the marketplace. Understanding data from recent years In five years of history the application has changed – and a lot – in the way it deals with the privacy of users and advertisers on the network. uae number example As we can see in the above story,

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daily active user growth had its biggest boom uae number example from averaging 50 million each year. The biggest drop, however, came during the same period. In the first quarter of 2016, the network had a registered growth of 21 million active users, but in the last quarter it ended up posting the scary mark of only 5 million on a date that uae number example coincided with the launch of Instagram’s Stories mode. The fierce competition that started to emerge, both with the launch of Stories mode and with the growing popularity of the Snow app in the east,  Hong Kong Lead  ended up drastically uae number example affecting the incredible escalation that Snapchat had been experiencing until then. Android users, especially, ended up opting for Stories mode, which is much lighter and uae number example reduced battery and memory consumption when compared to Snapchat.

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