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SEO: Complete Guide to Success on Google [Update 2021]

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SEO: Complete Guide to Success on Google [Update 2021]

If you are one of those who invest in Digital Marketing, then you already know that it is not enough just that you are on the Internet to guarantee that your site, blog or e-commerce achieves a place on the first page of the most important search engine: Google . To achieve this you have to do a good job SEO . What’s that? It is Search Engine Optimization, and its acronym comes from Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In other words, Italy Business Phone List it refers to a set of optimization techniques that seek to achieve good organic positioning for your site, blog or web pages. These optimizations can generate significant traffic and authority for you. However, that your website stands out among the countless number of pages on the net, is not an impossible mission, although it requires that you arm yourself with good strategies. You are already on the Internet, you have social networks, a blog and others; but you have to run fast to occupy the first places in the Mountain View search engine. As a first point, we suggest that you lean on a digital marketing agency .

They will guide you correctly, in order for your business to achieve a good web positioning with the most important keywords in your segment. In this way, when a user is looking for products or services like the one you offer, they can easily find you on the web; Because SEO can make your website appear in relevant searches, connecting your content with those users. So that you can be very clear about what SEO is and what it can do for your brand, we have prepared this updated complete guide to achieve success on Google. It does not matter if you want to take your first steps in the world of search engine optimization, or if what you need is to refresh your knowledge. Improve your positioning in search engines like Google. Your brand manages to stand out remarkably, by obtaining greater visibility in the digital world. You can have more leads, more customers and therefore higher turnover for your business. It works organically, that is, “I don’t pay.” You do not have to pay Google or any other search engine to gain positions in the SERP, because it will be your valuable content and your optimizations that will win those places in their own right.

It is a strategy that works in the medium and long term, constantly bringing you better quality visits. Attract qualified traffic You educate the market, thanks to the valuable content that you generate so that people learn the most important and / or necessary of what you offer them. It offers a better return on investment, requires less cost than that required by other strategies such as SEM or traditional advertising. But, the return exponentially multiplies that investment continuously in the medium and long term. How can you understand the users search? The first thing you have to know is the navigation intention that they have, this is essential to attract the right audience to your site. Do you want to know what drives a user to Google? There are several types of search: Shortcut Search It occurs when the user knows which site they would like to visit, but may not remember the full URL (they may also be lazy to type).Italy Business Phone List

For example, if the user searches “ MKT Marketing Digital ” or “ MKT Marketing Digital blog ” to find our content, their search intent is clear. Faced with this scenario, the chances of this user changing their final destination on the web are slim, because they already know what they are looking for from the outset. Informational search Here, it is not possible to clearly identify the user’s search intention, inquire information through news, Hong Kong lead product launches or explanatory articles; because you just don’t know exactly where you will go to find the content you are looking for. Because he does not know exactly which site he wants to visit, the user uses organic results to find the solution to his question or need. This is the time when you have to enjoy good web positioning of your blog or site. Transactional search In this case, the user has the firm intention of executing a transaction, such as buying a product directly or perhaps finding a store. This search is extremely valuable to e-commerce.

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