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Segmentation in email marketing: how it helps you generate more sales and build loyalty

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Segmentation in email marketing: how it helps you generate more sales and build loyalty

Email marketing segmentation is a prioritization technique in which we categorize email contacts into different groups based on predefined criteria. In this way, we place people who share similar characteristics in the same group.

Email marketing Aruba Email Lists segmentation makes it easy to personalize campaigns and ensures that all messages are relevant to each subscriber. As emails resonate better with subscribers’ pain points, wants and needs, the level of engagement improves and we are able to increase open, click, and conversion rates.

There are many different segmentation criteria depending on the type of company and the customer profile you are targeting . For example, we can segment our list based on:

Location : the place where our contacts reside or the currency in which they shop, for example.

Gender : this can be a very important or totally irrelevant criterion depending on the sector.

Language : If your website contains pages in different languages, it is essential to address your contacts in the language of the page they converted to.

Company where they work / position they occupy: very relevant in the case of B2B brands.

Activity on your website : for example, we can direct a specific email marketing campaign for people who have visited the page of a certain product or who have left an abandoned cart.

Level of interaction with the brand : it is not the same to send emails to very active users than to those who have not visited you for months.

Conversion funnel stage : we can use this criterion to design lead nurturing strategies that accompany users in the different phases of the path to conversion.


How to segment your email marketing step by step

Before carrying out any email marketing action, it is advisable to make sure that our database is of good quality. With the passage of time, it is normal to have outdated contacts, invalid data or even people who never wanted to receive your emails.

To clean your database, you first need to delete spam emails . Remove hard bounces from the list, make it easy for subscribers to unsubscribe, and identify inactive or low-quality contacts to make sure they want to stay on your list.

Once done, arrange the remaining contacts to have a consistent format and eliminate possible duplicates. Better!

To be able to do a good segmentation in email marketing, you have to know exactly who you are targeting. If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to define your buyer persona .

Your buyer persona is a ” typical profile” of your ideal client . Therefore, the contacts in your database that are closest to it will be the ones that have the best chance of converting.

Keep in mind that the behaviors and needs of your buyer persona may evolve over time, and it is also possible that new profiles of users potentially interested in your brand may emerge. Therefore, the buyer person should be reviewed periodically.

Email marketing is a very flexible tool that adapts to all types of brands, budgets and needs. But to use it accurately, we must define what we want to achieve.

Therefore, in order to properly plan the segmentation of a campaign, we have to ask ourselves what we want to achieve with it: content downloads, purchases of a specific product, loyalty , etc.

With this objective in mind , we can decide which users should receive the campaign and think about what type of content to use to attract them.

On the way from the first contact with the brand to becoming loyal customers, your email marketing contacts go through different phases. Each of them requires different messages and segmentation strategies.

There are many ways to classify users based on the stage of the purchase process they are in. One of the most popular is the one based on the “temperature” of the lead:

Lead scoring : this technique defines a scoring system in which points are assigned to each lead based on their characteristics and their previous interactions with the company.

Predictive scoring : This option uses machine learning algorithms to analyze which contacts are most likely to convert next and segment your email marketing list accordingly.

Dynamic lists with established criteria : with this model, we define a series of entry criteria in a list and the contacts are joining or leaving them depending on the state in which they are.

From time to time, we must stop to analyze what is happening with our email marketing based on the objectives that we have previously defined. What are the lists that work best? Use the findings to refine your targeting criteria and make your email marketing more effective than ever .

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