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Rock Content and Estímulo 2020: learn about the case aimed at helping small entrepreneurs

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Rock Content and Estímulo 2020: learn about the case aimed at helping small entrepreneurs

Discover Rock Content’s partnership with Stimuli 2020 and understand how it was possible to attract a qualified public to the initiative,  no phone list australia   generating more opportunities for small entrepreneurs. In a non-profit action, Rock Content joined Stimuli 2020 to offer its best: content strategies capable of generating attraction and more conversion . In this way, Rock Content offered its expertise to help an important initiative for small businesses. Both were united by the mission of strengthening the community of entrepreneurs in Brazil. In this content, no phone list australia we will show the success case of the partnership between Rock no phone list australia Content and Stimuli 2020. You will go through the following topics throughout this reading:

Learn more about Stimulus 2020 Understand the no phone list australia connection between Rock Content and Stimuli 2020 Learn about the strategy developed for the 2020 Stimulus Find out how the strategy was executed and its results Discover the benefits of partnership Check out! Learn more about Stimulus 2020 Stimuli 2020 was launched in May 2020, in São Paulo, and later expanded to Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Keara, and is inspired by the “relief funds” of the United States, an unprecedented model in Brazil. The initiative is based on two main pillars: financial support and professional training. Therefore, the idea of ​​Stimulus 2020 is to raise funds and support the development of entrepreneurs. no phone list australia In this way, it is possible to help these businesses to resume their activities, with a direct financial contribution that allows them to maintain small companies, no phone list australia as well as other training initiatives and content focused on the development of management skills.

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This initiative was motivated by the crisis that covid-19 imposed on Brazil. no phone list australia With the need to close deals, many struggled to survive. Without much, or all, of income sources, for many, it was difficult to get through this moment. From that, the initiative was created to connect people and big businessmen with a much needed cause. group composition Stimuli 2020 is a group that connects citizens who want to donate,  Hong Kong Lead  large businessmen, no phone list australia executives and third sector institutions. In this configuration, the idea is to raise financial resources and direct them to businesses that seek support from the initiative. Therefore, it is an initiative, not a company that seeks profit margin. program objectives The main objective of the program is to protect, preserve and support the resumption of small and medium businesses . In this way, jobs can be maintained and millions of families are less impacted by an unprecedented moment of instability. To achieve this, no phone list australia support from the private sector is the main source of help for these small entrepreneurs.

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