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Re marketing and re targeting: what’s the difference?

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Re marketing and re targeting: what’s the difference?

Marketers can’t reach a consensus on the definition, similarities, and differences between the concepts of remarketing and retargeting. The proliferation of tools especially digital- that allows brands to reach increasingly defined targets is a reality that, in general, is understood Azerbaijan Mobile Database by professionals marketing. However, the consolidation of new resources brings with it new terms that are not always entirely clear.

Related Notes: The 7 Deadly Sins of Retargeting Fashion brands don’t use ’email retargeting’ The smart campaign uses retargeting to warn teens about privacy risks An example is what happened with the concepts remarketing and retargeting, on which marketers do not reach a consensus on their definition, similarities, and differences.

Entonces, ¿existe alguna diferencia entre ambos? Si bien son términos que comparten mucho en común, la realidad es que también existen diferencia que, de acuerdo a diversas definiciones, vale la pena evaluar. In general terms, both concepts refer to marketing techniques through which it is sought to ‘recapture’ a consumer who shows interest in the brand, but who has not yet acquired the product or service. However, one term is more specific than another. What is remarketing? Azerbaijan Mobile Number List

Remarketing refers to a technique within marketing through which the consumer is shown a product or service for which they showed previous interest, through different forms of communication that coexist in different channels or platforms. According to various specialists, this concept appeared long before digital marketing boomed to refer to the phrase ‘to market again’. In other words, the idea is to reposition the market in the face of a commercial offer that previously had no exit under different conditions.

In this sense, the term remarketing is broader than the one that refers to retargeting because the former uses different points of contact with the consumer that can range from traditional channels to digital platforms or the point of sale itself And what is retargeting? In this way, retargeting is a more specific technique that focuses on the communication or transmission of a message and is developed on digital platforms mainly. As defined by the IAB “is the use of a pixel, tag or other code that facilitates the third party the recognition of specific users outside the domain of the brand where their activity has been collected”.

Among the players that have capitalized on this way of ‘recapturing audiences’ are Google and Facebook, which, through the Brother Cell Phone List data collected from users thanks to their online activities, offer advertisers hypersegmented advertising solutions that redirect to digital properties – website or online store, for example – of the brand. Thus, retargeting can be defined as a resource that lives within remarketing, where the former targets the captive consumer who may be interested in a product and tries to convert them into a customer through information, while the latter refers to the market that at some point showed interest in a particular product but did not make the acquisition for various reasons.

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