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Offline Conversion Tracking: What It Is and How to Use OCT to Map Conversions

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Offline Conversion Tracking: What It Is and How to Use OCT to Map Conversions

OCT (Offline Conversion Tracking) is intended to import conversions from other systems. See how to use it! The digital marketing strategy converges on very diverse actions, Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists which need to be correctly mapped and analyzed. The leads that convert in your campaigns need to be qualified and evaluated so  Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists  that the effectiveness of the actions can be measured, which reinforces the importance of using Offline Conversion Tracking or OCT. Online conversion data alone may not provide concrete information on who is buying your products or services . After all, it’s quite normal for some steps in the customer journey to take place offline too. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists Here are some examples: Someone can click on an ad and download a free e-book from your website, but sign a service contract in person.

A consumer can find a service provider through paid Google search. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists Then, he receives a contact through a call from a representative of the sales team, who will qualify the lead to move him towards the purchase. It’s because of these possibilities that you must find a way to link offline conversions and Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists purchasing activities to your digital marketing efforts. Fortunately, Google offers offline conversion tracking (OCT). It is this concept that we are going to talk about now. See what Offline Conversion Tracking is, what this feature is for and how to use it in practice! What is OCT (Offline Conversion Tracking) Why map conversions? Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists What’s the matter? The Advantages of Offline Conversion Tracking Feature Types of Offline Conversions You Can Monitor Where to start: Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists how to configure the OCT tool What is OCT (Offline Conversion Tracking) OCT,

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

or Offline Conversion Tracking, is a powerful tool that Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists lets you import conversions tracked in another system, such as your CRM system, into Google Ads. Online conversions can range from visiting certain pages and submitting forms to phone calls and sales that take place on an e-commerce platform. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists You can think of offline conversion as any that would take place outside the digital environment.  Hong Kong Lead  It can be, for example, a purchase in a supermarket, an item of clothing purchased in a physical store or a car sold at a dealership. Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists If you can get data about your customers in any conversion, online or offline, you are on the right track to correctly measure your digital marketing efforts and still be able to improve the results of performance media strategies (ROAS). Why map conversions? Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists What’s the matter? For marketing campaigns and proper lead management, there is a whole mapping of conversions to the final negotiation phase.

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