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No one reads the data analysis report you wrote, why? !

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No one reads the data analysis report you wrote, why? !

Many students have a similar problem: the data analysis report written so hard, but no one reads it! If you talk about the data analysis report on the spot, you will find that at most 10 minutes in the opening, these buddies Saudi Arabia Mobile Number will take out their mobile phones and rub together happily. why? ! It also depends on how the report is written.

There are two modes of data analysis report: you ask and I answer, and I say you listen. If it is you who asks and I answer, then we answer the questions raised by the other party and naturally get a lot of attention. At this time, it is not that the report written is not read, but that people are picking on it in various ways.

Today we will specifically share, what to do in this situation. Suppose the report data Saudi Arabia Mobile Number you want to process is as follows, and think about it for a minute after reading it: how do you report so that others will be willing to listen.

The secret to getting others to listen

The hard truth is: data is very important, and many people need to see data every day, but data is only a small part of their job. Therefore, most of the time, just look at it, and it will not be taken as a special thing.

It’s like going to the toilet. Going to the toilet is very important. It is true that we have to go to the toilet every day. When you are in a hurry, it is really frustrating to find the toilet, but you never care about the details Saudi Arabia Mobile Number of the toilet. If you go to the toilet to squat, and someone standing next to you says to you, “Today’s toilet paper has 150 sheets, which is 50% higher than yesterday”, you will definitely have no interest in listening, and it is  that you can’t even pull it out.

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Four key reporting scenarios

Unless what he said was: “The shit hole in the toilet blew up! You must not go in!”, 100% of people have heard this sentence! And he has to speak before you break in. Otherwise, as soon as you push the door and see such a magnificent scene, you must be so angry that you will curse, and it is Saudi Arabia Mobile Number  that the phone of the property management company will be by you. The same is true for getting others to listen to the report: Say what everyone cares about and reduce meaningless BBs.

In a nutshell, there are four scenarios that people are bound to hear:

1. The first time you go to the office building. The property is : there are two toilets. One small toilet is on the left hand. And there are fewer pits; the other is on the right hand, but you have to go to the end. Because I just arrived. There is no problem at all with such details. But it will make people feel that the service is in place.


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