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Mobile or responsive layout: understand the differences between them

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Mobile or responsive layout: understand the differences between them

Mobile layout is the version of a website that is www canada phone number specifically designed for mobile devices. It contributes to the user experience, which can bring a number of benefits to the company. But it is also important to know the responsive layout to be able to make a good choice. Maybe you use your computer a lot to access the internet during your workday. But what about after they finish their professional activities? You’re likely to use your cell phone to access social media, visit blogs, check out the news, and read emails. And, of course, shopping. This whole experience is only pleasant because of the mobile layout or the responsiveness applied to the websites.  www canada phone number  The digital transformation did things that were unimaginable in the 1990s, when the Internet started to become popular in Brazil. Back then, having an IBM Aptiva computer with an encyclopedia CD-ROM was cool. Today, we watch our favorite YouTube channels on our television, www canada phone number while using our cell phone to buy products that digital influencers recommend.

Anyone who has a business needs to keep up with this evolution, which includes making the company’s website or blog offer a good experience on mobile devices. www canada phone number But for that, should you use a mobile or responsive layout ? By the way, what is the difference between them? Read on to understand the subject. Next, we’ll cover the following topics: What is mobile layout? Mobile layout is one built specifically for mobile devices. This is necessary due to the wide variety of resolutions that everyday screens have. Just think of devices like TV, cell phone, www canada phone number tablet, laptop and desktop. Some are used in a vertical position, others in a horizontal position. In addition, screens vary in size and resolution, which requires extra work from those who create a website . After all, it is necessary to ensure that the platform works correctly, www canada phone number regardless of whether the user opens it on a smartphone or notebook.

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Of course, it’s not possible to make a website www canada phone number appear the same on all devices. Some adaptations are needed, and a mobile layout helps for that. This adaptation involves developing, from scratch, a mobile-specific version of the website. As you can imagine, this involves more work and, of course, more money. So, in a moment,  Hong Kong Lead  we’ll talk about the benefits of this type of layout, right? However, if mobile layout involves creating a www canada phone number new version of the site, where could you host it? After all, the domain is already being used by the main site, isn’t it? The answer is simple: you need to create a subdomain , which will contain the mobile version of the site .www canada phone number When the visitor arrives, the website identifies the type of device being used. If it’s mobile, it’s redirected to the subdomain that contains the mobile layout. www canada phone number It turns out that it may be necessary to have an agency www canada phone number specializing in this type of work.

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