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Throughout the history of marketing, our way of understanding this discipline has evolved at the pace of society.

In its early days, marketing as Henry Ford said, “a customer can have his car any he wants, as long as he wants it to be black.” Then we moved to a consumer focus and embraced the “customer is king” maxim. And now, in response to a more conscious society, we are beginning to value the human factor and values ​​and to focus on offering solutions Belize Email Lists to society’s problems . It is a conscious marketing that asks how you can improve people’s lives through a company or a project and what benefits it can bring to the community and society in general.

Mindful marketing has its origin in mindfulness , a relaxation technique that encourages us to focus on the present moment and become aware of our emotions and thoughts. Its objective is to relieve stress, reducing frustration and anxiety caused by situations that we cannot change. In the world of marketing, this philosophy translates into business management that seeks awareness, and connection at all times.

The most important principles of mindful marketing are solidarity, honesty, care with the environment, conscience, , connection with potential customers and giving a meaning to the company beyond economic results.

Mindful marketing brings multiple benefits to brands, such as:

Humanize the company. Not only are sales figures taken into account, but also the impact on people and the environment.
Connect more and better with customers: we are not only creating a bond, but also an emotional relationship.
Improve brand identity: we have more and more companies competing for online consumers, so betting on mindful marketing can become a key differential element.
Improve relationships within the company. The benefits of mindful marketing not only affect customers, but also extend to other areas of the company, such as relationships with the team.

7 keys to connecting with your customers through mindful marketing

In mindful marketing, your entire strategy starts from understanding your “why . ” Your company must have a reason to exist that goes beyond financial results, since otherwise you will not be able to give a conscious meaning to what you do.

Once this why is established, we can continue to make progress in defining what exactly we want to achieve and how we are going to achieve it.

Always Find a Better Way: we want to always go further in what we do. Our mantras are “always learning” and “always testing”.
Customer Experience Freaks – We don’t just meet customer expectations of us, we strive to exceed them.

Understanding customers on a personal level is essential to be able to respond to their needs. These are some of the questions we ask ourselves to make an ” empathy map

What does our client think and feel?
What do you see in your environment, in your friends and in the market?
What do you hear from other people who influence you?
What does it say and do?
What are your fears, frustrations, and obstacles?
What results do you want to achieve?

Mindful marketing not only seeks to connect with outside customers, but also to create a happy company culture .

At we believe that happy companies are those that promote autonomy and flexibility, which is why we have launched initiatives such as work by objectives, flexible hours or teleworking. We also use a tool called “the traffic light of happiness”, which helps us assess the emotional state of our team.


Today, consumers are heavily weathered by traditional advertising and are quick to spot double-minded companies. If you want to reach them, you have to be willing to admit your mistakes and show your human side.

To generate stable and long-term change, you have to go to the causes of the problems and delve beyond the symptoms.

Mindful marketing implies a commitment that must be shown through actions and not just words. Prioritize a speech that promotes values ​​and reality and do your best to make your promises come true.

After conscious action, conscious reflection must come. We have to assess what results our mindful marketing actions are having and see if they are correctly aligned with our values ​​and what changes we should introduce. Thus, we can continue to advance step by step to change the world for the better.

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