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Marketing automation and sales funnel

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Marketing automation and sales funnel

Much is said about marketing automation, but you, do you know what it is? It basically consists of configuring the steps that occur in the process of converting El-Salvador Email List a potential customer (lead) into a customer.

The most striking thing is that once this is done, we do not need any intervention on our part during the conversion process, since all emails and actions are executed automatically as we have configured it.

So should you implement marketing automation?
I would say a resounding yes, since it saves a lot of time, and you can also provide quality communication to your audience. Broadly speaking, its benefits are:


In my case, when a client asks me about this question, I help him in the process of automating his business since it allows him to attract leads that he could not otherwise achieve. And more than ever in this time of pandemic, in which recruitment is through social networks in most cases.

Now I’m going to tell you an expert tip: what do you need to implement marketing automation in your business.


Now, I want to clarify that the results are not immediate: you will have to go through trial and error stages, since automating your business correctly is not achieved overnight. But I assure you that it will serve you.

Marketing automation tools
As I mentioned before, marketing automation consists of using different tools, and here I share which ones I use with my clients:

How to create a marketing automation campaign through a funnel
To create a marketing automation campaign you will need to create a funnel with the steps that your potential client must take to become a client.

1. Define what you are going to sell and how to do it
If you sell a digital product you have two options:

Add value and sell an inexpensive product first and then suggest a more expensive one.


If you sell a service you also have two options:

Add value and offer a free session in which you will later offer the paid service.


Gonzalo sells a consulting service for $ 500 and has created a funnel through which he first shares a valuable video to his potential clients and then offers a free session to those who want express advice. In that express session, Gonzalo will help the client and at the end he will offer his paid service. Each potential client costs Gonzalo $ 5, however, of every 100 potential clients who watch his videos, 25 ask for a free session and 5 become paid consulting clients. Gonzalo invests $ 500 and gets a return of 5 clients, that is, $ 2,500. All this is done through a funnel.

Gonzalo has created a funnel to add value and then sell 1 consulting session for $ 250. After holding the $ 250 session, Gonzalo offers these same clients the option to upgrade to his $ 500 consulting service for just $ 400 more.

As you can see, Gonzalo has the same goal in both funnels, which is to sell his consulting service for $ 500. However, it uses different funnels and methods to reach its goal.

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