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The RAE defines marketing as a “set of techniques and studies that aim to improve the commercialization of a product”. That is, marketing encompasses all those actions that are carried out by a brand in order to anticipate the needs or desires of the consumer and thus be Denmark Email List to it in the form of a product or service. That is, all marketing actions are aimed at responding to one or more consumer needs in order to achieve a commercial exchange , which requires in-depth knowledge of the potential customer.

The sales , meanwhile, is the act of selling. The term refers to the moment in which the brand manages to satisfy one or more needs of the buyer . It is an action in which both parties benefit, since the company obtains a benefit, usually economic, and the client manages to cover, at least, one need.

It is clear that both concepts are related and that one cannot exist without the other. Despite this, each one refers to a specific action within an entire commercial strategy.


Marketing and sales: main differences
Although marketing and sales are two concepts that are related, there are clear differences between them.

Marketing focuses on the needs of the client , which means that it carries out actions that allow it to know it and know what it needs or what it may need in the future. The ultimate goal is to have a product that meets this need. Instead, sales focus on the seller’s need , which is nothing more than the product reaching the consumer’s hands. That is, sell.

The philosophy that marketing follows is to have a product or service that the consumer needs and wants . Instead, sales pursue that the customer needs and wants what the brand offers .

Marketing seeks to retain customers . That is, the customer buys the brand again. Sales, on the other hand, focus on having a different customer after one customer . This difference is due to the fact that while marketing intends for the same customer to purchase different products from the same company, sales refer to the number of people who have paid for the same product.

Marketing seeks long-term results, while sales seek short-term results. This means that the actions that are carried out within marketing are designed so that the brand grows and the results in the future are better, while sales are focused only on the present.

In marketing it is necessary to know the customer , which implies discovering their needs and desires in order to satisfy them. On the other hand, in sales what is needed is to know the product very well and know what the competition offers in order to be better.

Marketing uses a pull communication strategy . That is, the idea is to attract the customer to the product or brand. On the other hand, in sales the strategy is push , which means pushing the customer towards the product.

Marketing will always highlight the benefits of a product or service and those needs that are satisfied with it. However, in sales, the characteristics and their economic value stand out , since in this case the objective is for the customer, who has recognized their needs, to decide for that and not for the competition.

In marketing, compulsive buying is not pursued, but it is in sales , which implies resorting to promotions, discounts or offers that are attractive to the consumer.

Within marketing, not any action is worth to get the customer to buy , so the type of actions that are carried out are studied very well. This is not the case in sales, where anything is done in order for the consumer to pay for that product or service.

In marketing, the figure of the customer is very important , so the objective is for them to obtain benefits from what they have paid for. In fact, he believes that a satisfied customer is benefits for the company. On the other hand, in sales the most important thing is that the brand obtain benefits , which are usually economical in most cases.

All these differences make it even clearer that marketing and sales are two terms that, although they go together, are different. Of course, both are necessary for the success of a business.

How to combine your marketing and sales teams
Marketing and sales are essential in any company that wants to achieve success. In fact, a good marketing strategy is key to establishing a good relationship of trust between the brand and the public, which will lead to knowing each other better and being able to understand their needs better. This, in turn, leads to being able to offer products or services more tailored to those needs, which will directly increase sales.

With all this we want to that in sales the support of marketing is increasingly needed , since the public, before buying a product, wants information. So marketing and sales, for all their differences, must work together. In addition, it has been found that together it is easier to increase the number of quality leads captured .

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