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Marissa Mayer: Is the world the same for women in technology?

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Marissa Mayer: Is the world the same for women in technology?

Since we launched our content marketing certification, canada phone directory we’ve been receiving constant requests for extra, more complete material that can help anyone interested in furthering their studies in content marketing. It was with this in mind that we created the Content Marketing Encyclopedia . It’s the biggest  canada phone directory  Portuguese-language material ever made on the subject, with over 80 pages and 20,000 words (!) of content designed to truly teach you everything you need to know about content marketing. In recent years, there has been a lot of talk about canada phone directory the importance of female representation in the labor market. Areas such as fashion, culture, health and design are notorious for the high number of women. canada phone directory But their presence in spaces such as technology, are still tiny and generate distrust. Unfortunately! When we think of industry giants like Google and Microsoft, the first representatives that canada phone directory come to mind are names like Bill Gates,

Paul Allen, Sergey Brin and Larry Page. But how many canada phone directory women in charge of startups and tech companies are we able to name? Because they exist. And they have done an admirable job. One of the most prominent names is that of Marissa Mayer, a computer scientist graduated with honors from Stanford and one of Silicon Valley’s most admired CEOs. In the following post, we summarize a little about what your career can teach canada phone directory you about women’s place in technology. Read on! “Get off the line” is required Upon leaving high school, Marissa Mayer applied to ten universities and was accepted at all of them. His choice turned out to be Stanford, canada phone directory from which he hoped to graduate in Medicine. However, canada phone directory after an introductory Computer Science class he decided to completely change the course of his career.

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At the end of the course, canada phone directory she already had 12 job offers and planned to work as a management consultant, but ended up going to Google — which was still a small startup at the time — because she believed she could learn more. It is impossible to predict what the scientist’s future would have been if she had followed her original plan, canada phone directory but in the field of technology she has become one of the most respected leaders in the United States.  Hong Kong Lead  Even his move to Yahoo! in 2012 was a departure from his comfort zone of a company he had already made it to the top. And from all this, the lesson that remains canada phone directory for us is that if your career is not going the way you expect, “getting out of line” is necessary. Mayer’s example shows that equal attitudes generate equal results. To achieve success or job satisfaction, it is often essential to canada phone directory make changes, rewrite plans and change perspectives. And that goes for any gender and profession.

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