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Loyalty marketing: the ideal complement to your SEO strategy

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Loyalty marketing: the ideal complement to your SEO strategy

The loyalty marketing and loyalty marketing is a series of techniques to make customers make purchases repeated , are loyal to a brand over time and recommend it to their family and friends.

Loyalty marketing is an Algeria Email Lists essential ingredient in any brand’s marketing , as it has been shown that satisfied customers spend more money on subsequent purchases and that it is up to 6 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current customer.

Within the new methodologies to understand the life cycle of customers, such as the flywheel , loyalty is considered an essential phase . The purchase is no longer the end of the process, but we must go further to continue generating repeat purchases and obtain new customers at no cost through recommendations.

Within loyalty marketing we can find many types of strategies and programs. These are some of the most common:

Tier rewards. This type of loyalty program offers different rewards depending on the spending levels of the customers. If the top tier reward is attractive enough, the customer will have an incentive to spend more.
Point programs. It is the “of a lifetime”: customers accumulate points by making purchases and then can exchange them for more products of the brand. It is also used in the service sector, for example, “have 4 coffees and we will give you the fifth”.

Multi-brand programs. Loyalty marketing is one area where collaborations work. By offering multi-brand rewards programs, the incentives are more varied and attractive, so both the client and the companies that participate win.


Loyalty marketing and SEO strategy: the case of Amazon
Let’s see how we can integrate loyalty marketing and SEO strategy through a well-known case: the Amazon and its tactics to attract and retain buyers.

The process begins when a user searches for a specific product or brand on Google and ends up reaching Amazon (which usually positions itself among the first search results). The system shows him a series of product options to buy, based not only on his keywords but also on his past behavior and the products that are best rated by buyers similar to him.

The user decides on one of the items shown and orders the product, with which we already have a successful first conversion. But as we have seen, the story does not end there.

Once the product has been shipped, Amazon follows up by sending an email to the user and asking them to leave their opinion on the item in question. In addition, it also takes advantage of email communications to display recommendations for other products, once again based on the behavior of similar users.

Hopefully, the user will return to Amazon to purchase a related product and will also leave a positive review, which increases the chances that the product will be sold again.

Ultimately, the SEO strategy and loyalty marketing Amazon teaches us two lessons keywords:

Understand the customer. Much of Amazon’s success is due to the fact that it is able to know what customers want, based on a series of signals derived from its behavior. Taking into account the large volumes of information it handles, data science is essential for this process.

Customize the contents. If we know what customers want, we can offer them unique solutions that fit their interests and therefore improve the chances of converting and building loyalty.

How to start integrating your SEO strategy and your loyalty marketing
Even if you don’t have the resources and budget of Amazon, you can start now to integrate your SEO strategy and your loyalty marketing effectively. The first step is very simple: boost user reviews.

Today, online opinions and word of mouth are crucial for online brands. One of the simplest and most effective loyalty marketing techniques that we can carry out, therefore, is to encourage users to leave a positive opinion, either on specific review sites, on our own page or on social networks.

The grace of this technique is that positive reviews not only have the power to attract more users to the brand, but also enhance our SEO strategy. Thus, both disciplines enhance and feed each other.

Having positive user reviews reinforces the brand presence in Google results, which can even show the opinions about a product in its search results in the form of stars. Since Google values ​​the reputation of a brand and the inbound links when ranking results, having positive opinions on different sites that link to ours will give us extra points.

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