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Looking for a quick way to improve your page SEO?

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Looking for a quick way to improve your page SEO?

Here are 6 quick and easy ways to improve your page SEO this week.

Improving SEO can be very tricky.
Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is necessary for any online business. The better your SEO, you will appear in the first places in search engines, such as Google or Bing. It is not quantum science – the more people visit your website the more new business opportunities you may have, and this leads to a growing business. This is the of every digital Grenada Email List business. But it all starts with SEO:

There is no shortcut, a few checklists or secrets from various Gurus. The reality is that being in the first places of Google is a competition. Trying tactics to hack the system can hurt your SEO more than they help. But don’t be afraid. You can improve the SEO of your page in a simple way, and in a Google-friendly way.

Create a blog.

By actively creating and maintaining a blog, you will not only show your expertise, but you will also generate the famous SEO juice.

What does a blog do on your website?

Create new pages.
Increase people sharing your site.
Keeps people on your site longer.
Interesting content creates traffic.
For best results, understand the types of people you want to attract and what they want to learn. Don’t forget to try to get people to share your content with their friends. The presence of social networks has taken on great importance in search engine results.

Share on social networks.
Many small business owners have a love / hate relationship with social media. They like that it is a FREE way to market their business, but at the same time they hate the need to create a community.

Whether you are on the team of those who love social media or hate it. The fact is that social media is essential to increase SEO. Let’s summarize why social media influences search engine rankings:

Increase in shared leagues = Increase in credibility.
It’s hard to lie about many shared pages.
Google loves Google+
In the new world of marketing, content is king. If you only share images, videos, articles of other people, you will not be gaining any SEO for your site. So make sure you have a goal for your digital marketing and send your followers to your page when possible.

Get involved in the community.
If you are a local business, don’t be afraid to participate in events. These events do not translate into just talking to strangers. Think of these events as an entertaining way to educate your followers and website visitors. You can have a Twitter Chat, share images or videos on your website. Tag other participants or take some of what you learned on a new blog. By being within your community, you will be in contact with local people, create a buzz on social networks, improve SEO and improve the visibility of your business.

Social Bookmarks.

So far we have shown how effective it is to have a blog and have a presence on social networks, to be in SEO paradise. But there is something else we need to talk about. How to show your NEW blog in front of people without spending a fortune on ads?

We all want to have loyal Fans, but the more traffic, backlinks and shared links you have, the better you will do in your online marketing. One of the simple ways to solve this problem is to share these articles with the help of social bookmarking.

But keep one thing in mind: Not all people will fall in love with your blog. The key to social bookmarking is being seen by the right people. So take the time to do keyword research before posting.

Support a cause.
People are drawn to passion. They like to align themselves with brands that support causes they believe. Try to research the causes with which your followers support. This can be helping to promote the efforts of the cause on your blog or taking a collection of photos for your website. Whether it is a social, animal cause or simply helping the planet, share your content and help generate noise on social networks. Even on small scales it can help you generate traffic to your website.

There is only one small detail. Support for this cause must be genuine. People can smell lies over long distances.

Improve On Page SEO.
There are 5 on-page SEO factors that you should pay attention to when creating an article or page for your website.

The following factors must be optimized :


Summary of the story.
There you have it, 6 free and easy tactics to improve your page SEO. In short, we are looking to create Google’s confidence that our site is reliable and this is done through links (backlinks) and pages shared on social networks.

Now I would love to hear from you: -What tactics are you using, to be able to add them to this list?

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