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Point-line-surface revision of Internet products (visual chapter)

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Point-line-surface revision of Internet products (visual chapter)

Brainstorming: Brainstorming means analyzing and thinking. The process of analyzing the status quo is actually the process of finding faults, and the process of finding faults is also the process of thinking and finding solutions. To find out the problem points and conceive corresponding solutions, then the basic ideas and inspiration will be the same. Yes (even the existing problems are not clear, what about optimization and innovation).


[Main Contents of Current Situation Analysis]

Vision is the user’s most direct first feeling of a product, so the first and most superficial step of using the brain is to analyze and find faults at the visual performance level.


[Analysis content at the visual presentation level]

Let’s take a look at the effect of the current version of the App, and then start brainstorming


[ The effect of the online App ]

1. Color – color system

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The color system is chaotic Albania Phone Number and lacks a unified standard specification. The same element has different color values ​​in different scenes, which leads to the need to re-adapt when switching between different scenes. In addition, from the overall page, the use of the brand’s main color is very insufficient, not very A good way to convey the tonality of the brand.


[Common color values ​​for each scene of the App]

From the various process scenes of the App, including text, buttons, modules, etc., the color values ​​of the above 3 main colors, 8 auxiliary colors and more than 10 basic colors can be obtained, even if the color values ​​are cluttered and inconsistent. The saturation and color matching between the main color and the auxiliary color are also very unreasonable. The saturation of the main color is relatively high, while the saturation of the auxiliary color is very weak. From the overall visual presentation, the main color is very dazzling. , while the auxiliary color is very weak.

2. Shape – graphic elements (icons, pictures, components)


Icon is an important way of conveying brand tonality. It should focus on strengthening the relationship with the brand and highlighting the brand tonality;


[ Brand logo and icon ]

2) Inconsistent interpretation

Icon is decoration and embellishment, and it is also the emphasis of atmosphere and scene. It must clearly and directly convey the meaning of what it should eat;


[The specific application scenarios and meanings of icon]


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