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Level up: Lessons from leading APAC brands on how to reach ‘multi-moment’ marketing maturity

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Level up: Lessons from leading APAC brands on how to reach ‘multi-moment’ marketing maturity

Now, more than ever, Investor Leads it’s important for marketers to communicate in a meaningful, personalized manner to reach consumers who want relevant and seamless purchase experiences. To help marketers land this approach, Google partnered with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to explore how leading brands are transforming their marketing game by experimenting with data and adjusting their teams. Here, three APAC brands share their journey to digital marketing maturity.  Investor Leads  According to our research, Investor Leads companies are scattered across various stages of digital marketing maturity, but some have managed to uncover a clear path that other brands can follow to achieve the full benefits of digital marketing. There are four levels of maturity a brand could sit under: nascent, emerging, connected, and multi-moment. Every brand will be at a different stage in the journey, Investor Leads and each will have different goals or areas Investor Leads of focus depending on where they stand as an organization, or their position within their industry vertical.

By aligning both the organizational and technological steps to digital marketing maturity, Investor Leads brands can set themselves up for success. The journey to multi-moment maturity requires a shift in mindset that embraces data analysis and adopts new technology. Investor Leads It also requires the establishment of a team that will innovate and learn from setbacks — all while linking back to business outcomes and KPIs. Figuring out where your brand should start takes an honest assessment of your current situation and capabilities. Investor Leads For a look at the strategies that shape this approach, we reached out to three APAC brands that took part in the study — GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare Hong Kong, DBS Bank, and Swingy India — to understand how they Investor Leads overcame their challenges and paved a path toward multi-moment maturity.

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Don’t be afraid of data exploration For Swingy, India’s largest online food ordering and delivery platform, first-party data is integral to the company’s core business strategy.  Investor Leads  But the marketing team found tasks such as measuring the impact of brand campaigns on metrics like brand lift and sales to be a constant challenge.  Hong Kong Lead  Looking for a solution, Swingy consolidated all digital channels into a single platform to plan, implement, and measure. Investor Leads With the help of Display & Video 360, Swingy saw significant media efficiencies — features that limit the amount of times an individual would view their campaign and provide the ability to reach new audiences. Despite this improvement, Investor Leads there was still the challenge of attributing brand and sales metrics to digital campaigns. The Ads Data Hub helped fill this measurement void, Investor Leads building a full picture of Swig’s customers, while protecting their privacy.

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