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Learn how to organize a lecture and dodge the nervousness of public speaking

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Learn how to organize a lecture and dodge the nervousness of public speaking

Find out in this article how to organize a lecture in a professional way and avoid the nervousness of presenting your ideas to the public! If telephone number list you’re about to present the results of your marketing strategy , some work, project or initiative, you probably have to deal with the pressure of organizing a talk. You have to make material interesting enough to keep the audience’s attention, but with content, propriety, and accuracy. Also, you need to prepare for the presentation so that it doesn’t feel like a simple improvisation. But how to organize a quality lecture?  telephone number list   What points should you keep in mind when preparing to face the public? Check out our tips to find out! In addition to these great recommendations, you can also check out the Super Presentation Kit, which has a perfect template for your presentation, the microhook “Ted Talks: telephone number list Ted’s Official Guide to Public Speaking” and an eBook with instructions for your presentation: In the days before the lecture: how to prepare To organize yourself for a lecture, it is necessary to telephone number list pay attention to two essential moments: the before and during.

See, first, what you can do to prepare yourself in the telephone number list days before the presentation: 1. Choose suitable locations, or adapt your presentation to the environment This may sound silly, but it is essential to know the location where you will be performing your presentation. Often, the type of talk you intend to give will not be favored by the venue you choose. For example, if it is a very large and vertical auditorium, it will probably be telephone number list difficult to interact with the audience. On the other hand, if the place is very intimate and with few seats, maybe your talk doesn’t need to be so formal and traditional. In fact, these details are also important for you to check if there is the possibility of using audiovisual resources, calculating the number of listeners, among other telephone number list details that make all the difference on the day of the presentation. Do not leave these aspects to check at the last minute, as they can change the direction of your preparation. 2. Think about your audience When speaking in public, it is essential to keep in mind the profile of your listeners . This information goes far beyond calculating the estimated audience. telephone number list You need to check who the target audience will be in terms of gender, age, interests, preferences, level of education, etc.

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All these different characteristics of an audience can telephone number list say a lot about the language tone you will adopt, the topics covered, the technical level of the presentation , and so on. Try to know this information in advance, so that you can prepare a suitable presentation for the expected audience. 3. Attention to language Once you have the definition of an expected audience, it becomes easier to pay attention to the ideal language for these listeners. For example, it is very different to give a motivational talk on entrepreneurship to a group of telephone number list young people and to a group of senior entrepreneurs. Each of these audiences requires not only different tones of language, but different ways of approaching them. With a group of young people, for example, using a meme can yield interest, engagement and greater impact,  Hong Kong Lead  while this strategy may simply not work telephone number list with a more formal group from another generation. 4. Will you use visuals? avoid texts If you are thinking of using visual aids in your presentation (slides), be aware that a lecture is not a class. People will hardly pay attention to what you mean if they are encouraged to telephone number list decipher slides full of text, details and information. telephone number list It’s okay to insert graphics, punctual information and other types of topics,

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