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Increase your team’s productivity with the Eisenhower Matrix

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Increase your team’s productivity with the Eisenhower Matrix

How to define the degree of importance and urgency of pending tasks? mobile canada number The Eisenhower Matrix is ​​an effective tool for those looking to increase productivity in this sense, directing the focus to what really  mobile canada number  deserves attention in your company. Matrix-shaped business tools are nothing new. The SWOT analysis , or SWOT Matrix, for example, is essential for the strategic planning and development of new projects. But if you and your team deal with a lot of chores and need a method to help prioritize tasks, the Eisenhower Matrix could be the solution. mobile canada number With it, you will see how it is possible to achieve better time management and increase productivity with a clearer vision of what needs to be done. All ready? Come on! What is the Eisenhower Matrix? The Eisenhower Matrix is ​​attributed to Dwight Eisenhower , mobile canada number who was a general in the US Army before becoming President of the United States between 1953 and 1961.

Also known as the Time Management Matrix , mobile canada number it consists of 4 quadrants , into which we must distribute our pending tasks , according to the following categories: important and urgent; important and not urgent; not important and urgent; not important and not urgent. Before we explain how to fit tasks into each of these categories, mobile canada number it is worth clarifying the difference between what is important and what is urgent. important tasks : those whose results directly impact the goals you need to meet and the purposes you want to achieve; Urgent tasks : usually have a set deadline and require immediate attention. If they don’t get the proper focus as soon as possible, mobile canada number there can be undesired consequences. mobile canada number Quadrant 1: important and urgent In the first quadrant are the tasks most crucial to your work.

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They are given the highest priority , have a deadline to meet, mobile canada number and must be completed as soon as possible. The motto here is: do it ! Quadrant 2: important and not urgent In the second quadrant, we place tasks that are related to your goals but do not have a well-defined completion date. The ideal here is to plan, scheduling time to dedicate to them, as long as you have already completed the tasks in Quadrant I. mobile canada number Quadrant 3: not important and urgent Sometimes we attach more importance than we should to some assign ments, when in fact they just have a certain urgency.  Hong Kong Lead  The phone is a great example: when it rings, we are expected to answer it, mobile canada number but that doesn’t mean that the call will always be important. Therefore, it is worth reflecting more on activities that should be in this quadrant. The best thing to do is to mobile canada number delegate them to someone else or just touch them if you don’t have any more tasks in the previous quadrants .

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