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Inclusive marketing is the future of marketing: 5 inclusive principles to guide your marketing strategy

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Inclusive marketing is the future of marketing: 5 inclusive principles to guide your marketing strategy

As we saw in our top consumer search trends of 2020, consumers are placing more value on individual needs and experiences. The expectation is now on brands to keep up — moving inclusive marketing from something nice for brands to do to something brands must do. At Google, we’re committed to championing change, and we’ve made inclusive marketing a priority across all our marketing efforts through training and education sessions for our teams.  CPA Email List  As we all embark on this journey, we’re sharing our five inclusive marketing principles to help guide us through common challenges we face as marketers, as well as provide examples of brands such as Volvo, Grab, and ANZ Bank who are championing these principles for others to follow. Principle 1 — Your business is your brand Problem: Communicating your values, but not incorporating them into your business. Relying on marketing to showcase your values when it needs to be evident throughout your entire business. Solution: Empower diverse perspectives from the beginning and throughout your entire value chain — from research and production to UX design and marketing. Remember, your business is your brand, so it’s not just your communication that needs to be inclusive. Look to work only with internal partners and agencies who bring diverse perspectives to the work. Currently, Google is conducting agency audits to ensure the partners we work with meet our purpose-driven expectations. Foster psychological safety so that everyone can speak freely and encourage your teams to ask tough questions around inclusion. In some cases, incorporating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts at the very beginning can spark industry-wide change. When Volvo found that women were more likely to get injured in a car crash — partly because male crash test dummies are the standard — the carmaker went back and collected 40 years of crash data to find ways to protect all people — regardless of size, gender, or body shape. To improve gender equality in all cars, they are now sharing their research with the rest of the car industry to create safer cars for everyone. As an example of how inclusion can even be incorporated into centuries-old product development, Yamato, a maker of traditional Japanese garments, has introduced a new clothing line that aims to reduce the number of people who can’t wear a yukata to zero.

Released in May 2020, the Yukata Zero collection was designed to make yukata (a casual summer kimono) as accessible as possible by eliminating tie closures and creating a pull-on option. Principle 2 — Inspire with diverse stories Problem: Familiar and comfortable stories become the obvious go-to. Solution: Challenge yourself and your team to hero a different group in every piece of marketing. If you don’t intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude. Consider the body of work that you are contributing to and embrace the opportunity to make it more representative of the different traits and attributes of our users and their experiences. The Vicks’ #TouchOfCare campaign tells the inspiring story of Gauri Sawant — a transgender woman who raises a young girl Gayathri — breaking the preconceived ideas of Indian social values and structures. By focusing on selflessness and universal care over simply selling a product, the campaign shows how a story devoid of age, economic status, creed, and gender can be more inclusive and welcoming. YouTube recently captured the inspiring story of Jong-Won Han, a middle school physical education teacher who lost her left leg in an unexpected accident.

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Jong-Won devoted herself to daily rehabilitation to return to her students and used YouTube to learn golf — later going on to win two categories at the US World Championship for disabled golfers. The story stays true to YouTube’s ethos of freedom of opportunity and belonging: believing that everyone should have a chance to be discovered, succeed on their own terms, and be able to find communities of support that transcend borders. Principle 3 — Strive for authentic, relatable storytelling Problem: Overly engineering diverse scenarios looks artificial and insincere. Solution: Tell real stories as much as possible,  Hong Kong lead  championing existing stories and understanding their context, rather than creating new ones. If you do fictionalize, make sure it’s based on real user insight. Your mission is to tell stories that ring true with diverse users. Authenticity and relatability are key to this, so lean on insights and testing to help you get it right. For example, talk to customers you may not have heard from before, or explore new kinds of creative content that may introduce you to fresh ideas.

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