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I am not a fraud: how to deal with the imposter syndrome

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I am not a fraud: how to deal with the imposter syndrome

Insecurity is a normal thing, you know. Occasionally, everyone feels that irrational fear of failure. Your friends have you as a reference, your colleagues buy phone number database malaysia emphasize the exceptional professional you are, your superiors congratulate you on your work and even your rational side says you’re wrong, but it doesn’t matter. Deep down, you know it’s a scam it’s only a matter of time before others realize it. So, if you identified with this description? If so, you are probably another victim of the imposter syndrome, which plagues thousands of   buy phone number database malaysia   professionals around the world and from the most diverse specialties. And now were going to talk about it because no, your not alone in this. What is the imposter syndrome and what is its origin The imposter syndrome is a psychological phenomenon characterized by the inability to assimilate one’s merits and the constant feeling of inadequacy. This means that it doesn’t matter how hard a person has worked to achieve a certain goal or how much recognition they receive. If she suffers from the imposter syndrome, buy phone number database malaysia she will believe it was all a fluke or that she somehow tricked everyone into getting there.

The origin of this phenomenon is the comparison. buy phone number database malaysia First you look at the other and think: what a great person! Why am I not talented like her? Why am I not smart like her? Why can’t I get the same results? As he feels inferior, he tries to make up for this deficit with work. After all, you feel that you need an absurdly greater effort to be amazing like the people you admire. So you try harder and harder Maybe you get depression, anxiety and you suffer from exhaustion, but you achieve many things. But even with all success, buy phone number database malaysia you never feel that you’ve achieved enough and you never will, because you’ll never have a life exactly like the object of comparison. The result of all this is an inability to recognize their victories and the feeling of inadequacy I mentioned above. You repeat to yourself that you have achieved nothing, that you do not deserve anyone’s recognition, and that you shouldn’t take the place you are. In short, buy phone number database malaysia you convince yourself you’re an imposter: a poor, rough version of who you ought to be if you were finally good enough. But isn’t it just insecurity? buy phone number database malaysia The difference from the imposter syndrome to insecurity is that those who suffer from it generally believe they are alone in this one.

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This means that it doesn’t matter if I make a list here of people who suffer from this same condition. For an “imposer”, it’s obvious that they are amazing the real fraud is him . buy phone number database malaysia And look, there are many victims to list, some surprising! “It seems that the better I do, the greater my feeling of inadequacy, because I think at some point, someone will find out that I’m a fake and that I don’t deserve anything I’ve achieved.” The speech, which could be mine or yours, is by Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, buy phone number database malaysia Bafta Award winner and UN Goodwill Ambassador. Another famous case is that of writer Maya Angelou, who was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for Literature,  Hong Kong Lead  won five Grammys, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the United States and which recognizes citizens who have made a notable contribution to society. However, he vehemently stated: “I’ve written eleven books, but every time I think, ‘buy phone number database malaysia This is it, they’re going to find out. I was playing a game with everyone, but now I will be unmasked’”. Not that these cases are any buy phone number database malaysia consolation, of course.

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