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How to Unite Facebook Ads and Email Marketing to Increase Conversions

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How to Unite Facebook Ads and Email Marketing to Increase Conversions

Although with distinct characteristics, us mobile number sample Facebook Ads and email marketing are strategies that can and should go hand in hand. The integration of these approaches has everything to increase your conversion rate, but to do so, you need to understand how they are related. Generate, qualify, convert and retain customers.  us mobile number sample  These 4 actions form the backbone of any Digital Marketing strategy , making companies continually look for the best way to execute them. This search created the outdated idea that social networks should focus on capturing leads, while emails are tools tailored for other purposes. us mobile number sample Today, we know that using both of these channels together is not only recommended, it is essential practice for any strategy to be effective. After all, digital convergence points to increasingly integrated media, us mobile number sample generating the need to create an omnichannel approach for its consumers.

But, after all, why is the union between Facebook Ads and email marketing increasingly relevant and what can you do to explore this idea? Why merge us mobile number sample Facebook Ads and email marketing? To understand how these strategies can collaborate with each other, it is essential to visualize their particularities and understand their role in the current internet marketing scenario. So, let’s start with email marketing , one of the pioneers of communication and advertising efforts in the digital medium. The practice of using emails to communicate with the audience, us mobile number sample although old, remains extremely relevant. us mobile number sample A Rock Content survey revealed that 76.4% of companies use digital mail and, among those that do not, 94.3% intend to implement this approach in the near future. The reason for the importance given to this strategy can be easily identified. us mobile number sample According to the study cited , 95.9% of consumers are in the us mobile number sample habit of checking their inbox daily ,

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as this, by itself, illustrates the potential of us mobile number sample using this channel for marketing purposes . However, for the strategy to be strong, it is necessary to have a qualified contact list. And that’s where Facebook Ads comes in . The tool, which is the flagship of the largest social network in the world, has already proven to be one of the best ways’ to generate leads, i.e., get the email address of people interested in your company’s business. us mobile number sample This is mainly due to its enormous targeting power. The platform allows the creation of extremely targeted campaigns,  Hong Kong Lead  which make it possible to reach a very specific audience. So, if you do well at this task, you ‘re likely to hit people who fit us mobile number sample your persona profile . If that happens, all it takes is a well-executed strategy for you to add qualified leads to your contact list. us mobile number sample The consequences, as you might imagine, us mobile number sample involve a much higher conversion rate and progress in customer loyalty.

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