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How to structure the team of a digital marketing agency?

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How to structure the team of a digital marketing agency?

Like any other company, a digital marketing agency requires a structured team capable of serving clients’ needs. The success of these agencies will depend not only on the quality of the service but also on the personnel hired to carry out the corresponding tasks. A well structured and organized team will be the key to success, and will help to add greater achievements and achievements in the agency. At the same time, it will help satisfy what clients are looking for when hiring the agency’s digital marketing services. Germany Business Phone List Undoubtedly, the hiring of new personnel to work in the agency will depend on the needs of each client; But organizing a good team will become a reaction decision. Regardless of the number of employees available, it is important to define the approach that the agency will have ; in this way, good leadership and organized work will prevail.

The staff that integrate the departments or jobs in a digital marketing agency will be exclusively professional . They, in one way or another, will contribute not only to the execution of the tasks but also to other aspects closely related to the general vision of the agency. For this reason, it is important to keep the agency’s objectives defined , and from there to identify the tasks to be carried out, describing the profiles that are needed to create and consolidate the perfect team. The organizational structure of the team of a digital marketing agency should be oriented in the operational profiles that said agency requires. This structure will be: Key Account Manager: also called KAM for its acronym in English, it is who is in charge of managing the key accounts of the clients within the agency. His main job is to build good relationships between clients and the agency; that is, it works as an intermediary. Director of Social Media Strategy or Community Manager: in charge of analyzing, designing and defining the communication strategies that will be carried out through social networks. It also has control of all the actions that are carried out in them. Content Manager: it is who is in charge of reviewing the congruence of contents according to the Buyer Person of each client.

At the same time, it is in charge of establishing what quality content will be published and on what platform it will be published. SEO Manager: who is in charge of the organic positioning of the websites and the optimization of the content they have. It also ensures the on-page level of the keywords for greater web traffic. Ads Manager: is the person in charge of managing the agency’s payment campaigns, based on the objectives of the strategy. Digital Analyst: as its name indicates, it is in charge of analyzing the information collected from the results and its effectiveness for the application of future strategies. UX / UI designer: is in charge of designing the structure of the website and other platforms, in order to guarantee its functionality. His work in conjunction with the programmers and SEO Manager guarantees the user experience, search engine positioning and conversion. Programmer: he is the one who develops applications, platforms and computer programs for the construction of websites, according to his knowledge of software and source code. Although it may seem like an outdated strategy, having a good organization (either with an organization chart) will allow the digital marketing agency to set future goals; while helping to evaluate the usefulness of the job execution strategy.Germany Business Phone List

From there, there will be many other benefits that will arise from a good organization; these are: It helps to understand and assign the roles of the team according to the aptitudes of each position and according to the goals to be achieved. Assess the importance of each role in order to increase your reach and impact your performance. Establish better communication between collaborators. It helps to make key decisions based on improving the digital marketing agency. Boost the professional growth of each team member. It allows better monitoring of information, status and optimization of projects. Hong Kong lead The organization of the team of a digital marketing agency defines the bases of success . More than organization, a team helps to maintain a functional approach that adapts to the needs of the agency, and therefore to the needs of the client. The most important thing is that the digital marketing agency has the most complete, efficient and appropriate team for each project. In addition to having the willingness and ability to adapt to any business sector with constant updates as appropriate.

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