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How to set up a sales process for your agency?

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How to set up a sales process for your agency?

How is your agency’s sales process ? phone number list Is it structured? Do your salespeople understand how it works and how important it is to improving sales productivity and getting more customers? I imagine your marketing team is an expert in generating leads and opportunities for your agency, but is converting those leads into sales satisfactory? I asked this because most agencies phone number list find it difficult to guide their leads through closing sales . This happens, in most cases, due to the lack of a predetermined sales process, which guides salespeople in conducting their activities, improving sales productivity and, consequently, the final results. If this is also your pain, then be sure to check this article for how to structure your agency’s sales process .   phone number list   But before that, it is necessary to understand a little of the concept and the aspects that revolve around it. Only then will you be able to define an effective process for your business. Come on! What is the Sales Process? Processes are continuous actions of certain activities.

That is, a sequence of facts reproduced with a phone number list certain frequency and with a pre-established chronological and hierarchical order. Thus, sales processes are actions carried out within the sales operation that lead the team to achieve a certain purpose. To be even more objective: the sales process is the step-by-step way to guide the sales team , especially salespeople, in carrying out their activities, phone number list having as main objectives the closing of the sale and the achievement of goals . It is extremely important to ensure salespeople’s productivity and better results for your agency. Because if it is well structured, you can considerably reduce the loss of leads generated by marketing. Ram Charon used to say ” Creating brilliant strategy is easy, the hard part is putting it into practice’ ‘. phone number list That’s right! It’s no use creating the best phone number list marketing strategies if you don’t know how to turn these opportunities into sales. How is your agency’s sales process?

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According to the 2017 Panorama of Digital Agencies , 47.7% of the agencies said they do not have a consolidated sales phone number list model and that they need to structure and organize this process within the agency. Regarding those who adopted a sales model, 64.6% of them said they practice a mixed sales model, that is, they used different models, such as Inside Sales, Field Sales, Inbound Sales or Outbound.  Hong Kong Lead  In addition, Panorama revealed that ”Only 37.3% of respondents said that goals are set for the agency’s sales team. Within this sample, 58.7% said that goals are met frequently. phone number list It is worth mentioning that agencies that have a defined sales model hit 20% more targets, compared to those that do not adopt any model .” And now I ask, does your agency have a well-defined sales process? It’s no use saying that it uses the Inbound or Field Sales strategy, phone number list for example. What you need to know is if the steps of your sales process are delimited, phone number list if there is a step-by-step designed guiding the lead to the closing of the sale. What is a Sales Funnel?

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