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How to sell online taking advantage of the benefits of digital marketing?

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How to sell online taking advantage of the benefits of digital marketing?

Any brand that wants to expand its growth, has to bet yes or yes to sell online . Especially in these times of pandemic, where ecommerce covers the needs of users who have nothing left but to be confined to protect their health; so they spend hours and hours immersed in the online world in search of (among other things) products and services that meet their requirements. If you have a company, business or any undertaking, you have to have a solid digital presence in order to increase your sales, and consequently your profits.  Art Director Email List  It is proven that 8 out of 10 people buy online, so it is no longer enough that you only have one sales channel. Selling online not only gives you a greater online presence, it also makes you more recognizable among your potential customers and also: Your business will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are no geographical limits that stop your sales, so you can target audiences in different cities and provinces if you want. The fixed costs of an online business are lower, because you do not require a space to offer your products. What do you need to sell online ?

There are many options that you have to sell online . But, the key is not to offer your products in all these sales channels, but to choose the ones that are more in line with your business in order to group them in a single strategy, which you have to forge together with a digital marketing agency . Working with experts in the field will not only give greater consistency to your brand image but will also help you to simplify the internal processes of each sale; even if you have an offline channel. Meanwhile, we show you that in order to make sales online you have to: Comply with some legal and tax requirements. Have an online sales channel. Attract visits to said channel. Apply visitor conversion strategies . Phases of an online sale To sell online and gradually increase the turnover of your business, it is recommended that you implement what in the ecommerce world is known as a funnel or sales funnel. At this point you have to seriously consider getting the support, support and advice of a digital marketing agency .

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The sales funnel tells you the steps your potential customer has to go through from the first moment they get in touch with your brand, until they make the sale. In other words, this sales funnel guides you through different phases so that you can effectively become a customer. So, as a business owner, what you have to do is design that funnel with the marketing team , to achieve your main goal: sell more. In general terms, we could say that the sales funnel is divided into: Phase 1: Attract visits. Phase 2: Convert to sales. Phase 3: Retain customers.  Hong Kong Lead  As you can see, each phase has a different objective. The important thing about the funnel or sales funnel is that it helps you understand what the cycle of the relationship with the user is like and, in this way, detect what adjustments would be necessary to feed that relationship (and that they become customers). For example, if the potential customer arrives at the online store, visits a product page but does not add it to their cart, perhaps the problem is in the description of the item or in the quality of the photos.

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