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How to increase your blog traffic with push notifications?

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How to increase your blog traffic with push notifications?

Currently, most companies working in the chinese phone numbers in china digital environment have their traffic dependent on 3 levels: content, relevance and engagement. Content is the first level as this is why the user is interested in visiting your website. Relevance is the next stage as your content will only have value if it is relevant.  chinese phone numbers in china  This second factor will dictate your credibility to the reader. The point is that it’s not just about the content you share but also the relevance of the information you share. Lastly, there’s engagement: you have to keep your audience chinese phone numbers in china well engaged so they don’t forget about you. With so much information the internet user absorbs on a daily basis, it’s pretty easy for that to happen. The push notifications work these 3 levels very simply. In this article, you’ll find out how push notifications can chinese phone numbers in china deliver your content in a way that drives more traffic. chinese phone numbers in china Distributing content through push notifications

The big advantage of distributing chinese phone numbers in china content via push notifications is that the results are instantaneous. What separates the user from accessing your website is just a single click, so it is an excellent way to generate traffic. The average click-through rate for push notifications is 11%, however, with good usage practices, there are websites that achieve rates above 25%. Distributing content via push is a very simple and easy task. chinese phone numbers in china All you need is: set a title Write a short description Indicate the destination URL However, if you want to apply a little more, there are some tips on how to write persuasive push notifications to drive traffic. How can I increase interest in my content through push? Basically, it’s important for you to understand that in a short chinese phone numbers in china title and a short description there has to be enough interest for the user to want to click. This interest arises from a value proposition that you commit to chinese phone numbers in china delivering after the user clicks your push.

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We can do a simple exercise to better understand chinese phone numbers in china the importance of copying pushes. Let’s say we’re preparing a push for this article: Title: Push Notifications Description: Digital marketing tool In this example above we have a push with very vague information. We do not have any value proposition and chinese phone numbers in china your offer is not clear, that is, the user will not know exactly what he will find after clicking. It’s important that you communicate clearly, let’s look at a better example: Title: Push Notifications – Increase Your Traffic Description: chinese phone numbers in china Click to learn how In this example, we were able to identify the theme, the value proposition and the offer.  Hong Kong Lead  That is, the user will know exactly what they will find after clicking the push. chinese phone numbers in china Theme: Push Notifications Value Proposition: Increase Traffic Offer: Details on the subject A common mistake that many Push users chinese phone numbers in china make is trying to summarize the content within the push.

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