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How to improve open and click rates in Email Marketing

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How to improve open and click rates in Email Marketing

Many times, due to ignorance or lack of time, the same email is sent to all subscribers or to an entire database. But, this is a mistake.

In order to connect with our entire target audience, we have to be able to send the most appropriate message to each person at the right time . We can achieve this objective as long as we make a segmentation Egypt Email List of the contacts in our database.

But segmenting into different lists is not an easy task. Although it is 100% necessary to achieve the best results. In fact, according to , emails sent in a segmented way generate a click rate of 8% , compared to general unsegmented , which only generate a click-through rate of 3%.

This shows that segmentation is definitely necessary.

There are many ways to segment our database. However, there are two key elements: the buyer person and the moment of the purchase process , which we can deduce through the number and type of interactions that the contact has made with us

Segmenting our audience will help us to more easily achieve our goals.

Automate email marketing processes
Do you know why email marketing is so powerful? Because once you have all the elements of it finished, the ‘marketing machine’ works practically by itself.

By having a software that allows to automate the sending of specific emails to previously defined audiences, many repetitive and manual tasks are finished. For example, a welcome email: the first time a subscriber joins a mailing list to receive a newsletter.

But in addition, with Marketing Automation, more advanced tasks can also be programmed:

Remember that a promotion is about to end.
Sending specific emails according to their behavior, for example, after visiting specific pages of our website.
Sending specific follow-up emails after participating in an event or webinar, etc.
With automation, constant contact with customers and prospects has never been easier. It saves a lot of time and can be controlled with a macro view, the margins of contact time. This way we make sure not to overwhelm our audiences.

Despite these facilities, we always have to spend time analyzing our strategy . If we see that any open or click rate is too low compared to the average, we have to review and modify our email to ensure that it meets its objective.

Marketing Automation yes, but in an intelligent way and according to our interests and objectives.

Customize, personalize and personalize
The emails have to be adapted to each user . Email Marketing is a very powerful tool but if we lose the of the messages, we will not impact our audience.

To do this, we must pay special attention to:

The subject of our email.
The text of the preview.
The way to approach the subject (high level, oriented to our product, etc.).
A personalized message is always much more impressive than a standard message. And simply starting with the matter, we can achieve very different results. But we must not hesitate to take any opportunity to personalize our emails as much as we can. The idea is to always add value to your target audience. We are saturated with information today. Therefore, our communication with subscribers must provide something to attract their attention and reach their consideration.

Email Marketing requires a medium-long term approach.

One of our subscribers may not be ready to take the next step in the sales funnel today, but that may change in the future. Therefore, we have to be patient and use Email Marketing as a way to work on lead nurturing.

We must be constant with our Email Marketing strategy and keep in contact with your clients and prospects on a regular basis, without being saturated or invasive. In this way we are able to demonstrate that we are 100% available to our contacts at any time.

Conclusion about Email Marketing
Email Marketing offers an exceptional return on investment. Furthermore, email is a direct communication channel with a very high number of active users who check their inbox every day.

If we automate our shipments, we work on the segmentation of our contacts, we personalize the content (which is so important in companies) and we are constant, we can achieve our marketing objectives.

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