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The email remarketing or email retargeting is to send personalized emails to users who have already interacted with our website in order to encourage them to perform a certain action: purchase, conversion, registration, etc.

The basic remarketing scheme works the same on all platforms. First of all, we Canadian Email Lists need the user to visit our website or interact with some brand content. This helps us to identify you with a cookie and add you to an audience or remarketing list , which groups together users who share certain characteristics (for example, having visited our website in the last 30 days). And finally, we launched an ad campaign aimed exclusively at list users.

The remarketing allows us to customize the maximum to our target audience based on their behavior, improve brand recall and meet different marketing objectives, such as improving conversions. This is a very useful strategy for any brand that advertises online.


The 4 types of retargeting in email marketing
When it comes to proposing a remarketing strategy in email marketing , we have different options to attract our audience and send them the personalized message. We are going to see 4 very common tactics.


In this case, we use our own email database , that is, a list of users who have voluntarily left us their email to receive communications from the brand. Then we send them to our website to start tracking and impacting them with personalized messages. Let’s see it step by step:

Create a landing page with a tracking pixel installed. Of course, the content of this landing will be related to the product or service that we want to promote.
Use your favorite server to send an email to your previously created database. The content of this email must be related to the landing page and encourage the user to click to visit it through a call to action.

Thus, you will get the user to remember your products, identify you as a brand and reconsider to visit your website again and even go directly to buy the next time.
how to do remarketing in email marketing

For ecommerce , remarketing abandoned carts is one of the most effective strategies. It is estimated that 40-60% of users leave their orders unfinished due to various reasons, such as not wanting to pay shipping costs or being in a rush at the moment. If we are able to do a good segmentation to re-engage them, the effort will undoubtedly be worth it.

If the user has registered in your online store, you can automatically follow their behavior on your website. The moment he leaves his cart abandoned, you can instantly send him an email to remind him that he forgot to complete the purchase. And to give them an added incentive, you can gift them shipping costs or offer a discount if they complete their order within a certain time. In our experience, the conversion rate of this technique is very high and works very well to optimize costs, so it should be one of the first to implement in any e-commerce.

If you do not have the user’s data, you will not be able to send them an email. But if you have installed the relevant tracking pixels on your website, you can add them to your remarketing lists on Google or on social networks to send them display ads that remind them that you have an unfinished business.

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