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Thanks to content marketing, brands are becoming publishers and the user visits their pages more than other information sites.

Today’s technology allows online advertising, but the consumer is fed up with invasive advertising Czech Republic Email List that prevents them from browsing and tends to ignore banners. Advertisers are looking for new formulas that hook the user and get them interested in their products.

Native advertising allows the promotion of brands without causing interruptions in web browsing, integrating perfectly into the philosophy of a page and awakening the user’s interest in the article.

What type of native advertising campaign do you want to develop?
The product to be sold will determine the strategy to be developed. It is not the same to sell a detergent for washing machines in which domestic use and the quality of its results will prevail, than to sell a trip to the Fiji Islands where the consumer will be determined by their economic level and their desire for adventure.

The target of the first product will be interested in reading about stain removal tricks, ways to wash by hand or reports from consumer associations about the electricity consumption of their washing machine. Instead the prospective buyer of an exotic trip will be interested in watching videos of luxurious destinations, honeymoon trips or reading about services provided by airlines.

Who will be the consumer of your native advertising?
It is very important to mark the sector of the population to which the campaign is destined. A young consumer always wants faster and more visual information, he is attracted by the idols of the moment and by the latest technologies. Businessmen and women will want to delve into the market segment they handle every day, they will frequently consult news, quotes, economic data …

While the target of mothers and fathers will probably read your ads when they search their computer for cooking recipes, recommendations on the home and decoration or solutions to children’s problems.

Where to place native advertising?
The contents of the website where the advertising is placed and the product to be advertised must have the same target for the campaign to be a success. As an example, we remember the decision of the American department store when they wanted to promote the Australian brand of boots in the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

Keep in mind that the has grown in recent times and “anyone can make a blog”, select the platform well, check the data on your audience, traffic and presence on social networks. Above all, it seeks to reach the largest number of potential buyers.

How should native advertising be launched?
If you are on your way to creating content written with sponsored posts, look for quality and originality. A good article should be written without spelling mistakes, with an engaging title and engaging content.

The text must be agile and clear, for this, it is better to write with short paragraphs where there are links that expand the information or support the statistical data. Present clear and precise ideas highlighted by subtitles and never forget to enter the most searched words related to the topic and that will help you to have a good web positioning.

If you have been inclined to do a native video advertising campaign, include calls to attention to the product and take care of its design. Show an entertaining video that merges with the medium where it appears, to such an extent that if you remove the brand name, it would pass through the content of the medium.

When to reach the consumer with native advertising?
Native advertising is against placing logos all the time or bombarding the public with direct and maximal advertising messages.

One of the successes of this type of format is that it always warns that it is an advertisement, thanks to this the reader does not feel cheated and the brand reinforces consumer confidence.

Focus your campaign with quality content that you can continue in subsequent deliveries, increasing customer loyalty.

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