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How to design your marketing plan for 2022?

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How to design your marketing plan for 2022?

In the weeks following the outbreak of the pandemic, many companies saw a dramatic change in customer engagement. For example, retailers were forced to close their physical stores, and that made many of their , as they were based on visits or purchases in the store.

To successfully tailor your marketing plan for 2022, you need to focus on customer behavior . If we can understand what their attitudes are Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List now in the growing demand for products and services, we can begin to link these attitudes to their buying behaviors . Otherwise, we will not be adjusted to the reality of consumers and we will see negative consequences both economically and .

This is not a process that you can do only once and end, but you have to bear in mind that we are in a volatile environment and attitudes can easily change from day to day or week to week. Therefore, marketers need to regularly analyze consumer behavior and analyze its relationship to purchasing habits.

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Make a marketing plan with different scenarios
There are factors that we cannot control, such as the appearance of new outbreaks or restrictions imposed by governments. Therefore, the recommendation is to have a contingency plan for all offline advertising during 2022 .

Let’s say, for example , that we are a sports shoe brand and we want to advertise in stadiums during next year’s soccer league. We are going to imagine three possible scenarios and plan a strategy that adapts to each of them:

Optimistic scenario : the league can be held normally, perhaps with limited capacity among the public. We can apply the marketing plan that we originally envisioned, perhaps with some tweaks to the messages to suit consumer attitudes.

Intermediate scenario : the league is celebrated, but without an audience in the stadiums. Instead of buying physical spaces, we can consider buying advertising space during the live broadcast.

Pessimistic scenario : the league cannot be held. At this point, we would have to analyze consumer behavior and decide on new ways to reach them. For example, it is possible that our target audience is playing sports video games, so we could propose strategies for this channel.

In general, and especially for the most pessimistic scenarios, it is necessary to assess the risks and understand the consequences of making the wrong decision. But keep in mind that we cannot wait until the last possible moment to buy advertising space, since otherwise competing brands will get ahead and we will likely end up paying more for less desirable locations.

Measure the results of your marketing plan and learn from them
Before executing your marketing plan for 2022, you must ensure that you can collect data from your campaigns in real time. With consumer attitudes and behaviors changing rapidly, historical data is difficult to rely on, even if it is only a few weeks old. Therefore, we need a continuous flow of up-to-date data to keep us up to date.

Once you launch your campaign and start collecting data, it’s time to test and learn from the results. These are the main steps to follow:

Collect and validate the data . Your decisions should be based on an appropriate amount of high-quality data.

Analyze the data . Here you can use a combination of artificial intelligence and human analytics solutions to understand what’s going on and draw practical conclusions about the behavior and attitudes of your target audience.

Validate the conclusions . Make sure your conclusions are realistic by creating a pilot campaign with a small audience. If it works well, you can extend it to your entire audience.

Evaluate the recommendations . Observe the results and measure if they have helped you achieve your . Think of ways to improve the campaign based on its performance. Then restart this process from the beginning to get recommendations for your next campaign.

A large amount of high-quality data is essential for this process to work, otherwise the results will be distorted. Machine learning solutions can help you analyze large amounts of data and discard outdated ones.


In conclusion…
Over the next year, marketers will have to deal with large amounts of uncertainty. Although it is a significant obstacle, it does not have to prevent us from doing a good job. To make the most of these difficult times, we have to be willing to work hard and find new ways to adapt to change.

The good news is that what we are learning in 2020 and 2021 will help us make better marketing plans in the future . The world is an uncertain place, and the pandemic is most likely not the last unforeseen event that we will face during our careers. Learning to manage change and be flexible is a great skill to be prepared for the future.

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