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Before planning any action, there is a question you need to ask yourself: what exactly do you want to achieve with your email marketing strategy ?

The marketing email Belarus Email Lists can help achieve many goals, but can not do everything at once. If you want to get good results, you need to be focused. Therefore, the first step is to sit down and think about what you want to use email marketing for:

Increase the sales of a specific range of products through your newsletter ?

Get more subscribers to your promotional emails?

Remember that for an objective to be truly functional, you must clearly specify a quantifiable value and establish a time frame to achieve it: “increase the sales of cosmetic products by 20% in the next six months”.

Along with defining objectives, it is also important to clearly consider what our target is . Here we can rely on tools such as the buyer persona , a semi-fictional description of our ideal client that helps us better guide recruitment initiatives.

To properly synthesize your recruitment strategy , my recommendation is that you try to answer these three questions:

Who are you talking to? As we saw in the previous section, the buyer persona can help us guide our marketing. But the reality can be much more complex: many times we will find that we need to have databases segmented by objectives (first conversion versus loyalty, for example) or by types of consumer (parents with children from X to X age). Based on that, we will structure our database so that the right messages reach the right people.

What are you going to offer them? To be part of your database, users have to voluntarily share their personal information (at a minimum, they should leave you their email address). In exchange for this valuable data, the brand must offer them some kind of incentive. Sometimes, it may be enough to explain to them the benefits they are going to achieve thanks to your newsletter, but it may also be necessary to reinforce this incentive through exclusive discounts or content that is valuable to them (such as the typical “leave us your data and download our free ebook “).

How are you going to capture them? Here we will pay attention to topics such as form design and calls to action. The idea is to design a fluid, attractive user experience with as few obstacles as possible.

Offer free trials of a new product in exchange for sharing the launch on social networks and using the newsletter to communicate it.

Design special offers just for subscribers.

Regularly send exclusive content that reinforces the link with the brand.

Inform about the events that take place near the place where the user lives and give him the opportunity to sign up for them from his email.

The chosen strategy will determine the type of content that our newsletter should include, from the latest news to discount coupons. Obviously, this content will be updated according to the news, but it is always useful to have pre-designed templates that are consistent with the image of the brand in the rest of the channels. We must not forget the importance of interactive elements, animations, GIFs and others, but always maintaining visibility on different devices.

Within this planning of our email marketing strategy, we also need to define the frequency with which we will send content to users, seeking a balance between being present on a regular basis and not being annoying.

Finally, we will design a medium-term email marketing calendar . To do this, we have to make the decision about when to send the emails , that is, the most appropriate day of the week and time. There are different studies that guide us on the moments with the highest opening and conversion rates, but above all we must consider what makes sense for our brand and for the email content. For example, we may be interested in reaching users when they are planning their activities for the weekend or, on the contrary, offering them help to start their work week.


Today, to carry out an email marketing strategy it is essential to have a tool that helps us manage the entire process. Email marketing solutions have multiple benefits, such as:

Systematize the measurement of the campaigns . You will know at all times how many emails have been sent, the opening rate, the conversion rate and other information that is most useful to evaluate the success of your strategy.

Facilitate the design of emails . These types of tools often have loads of pre-designed templates and even image libraries, so even small businesses can easily design professional-looking emails.

Keep our database organized , for example, with different lists depending on the segmentation that we have decided.

Automate and personalize email marketing. It is possible to schedule shipments to take place automatically at a specific day and time Customize the content based on the information we have about the user, and much more.

Easily scale our marketing . Many email marketing tools have free versions, which have basic but sufficient functionalities and allow you to send emails to a few thousand subscribers. From there, the sky is the limit: it is very easy to change plans and expand our email marketing to infinity and .

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